When you tackle something new you aren’t going to be good at it immediately. In fact you might be terrible. Even with all the creativity, focus, research, natural talent, you aren’t going to be an expert.

It takes 20 hours to learn a new skill. 20 hours of solid practice. 66 days to gain a new habit. It takes work.

Even with all the goal-setting, well-formed outcome, anchoring states of focus, learning, and creativity, you have to work at it.


But you CAN do it. 20 hours. Do the first hour now. Set aside some non-negotiable time for you to do the next hour, and the next. Break it down in to manageable chunks. Don’t panic. We’re all capable of learning. And always remember, there is no failure, it’s all just feedback.

Here’s a lovely little video focussed on creative types but we can probably all get something from it.

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