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news hit 20th May

A slightly shorter edition of the news this week – condensed down into its purest, high-grade potency. Try a small dose before working your way up to the full article. Drink plenty of water.


Minecraft GO

minecraft earth announced

This week the tenth anniversary celebrations for Minecraft took another interesting turn, with the announcement of Minecraft Earth, a free-to-play location-based mobile game in the Minecraft universe. With a lot of information about certain aspects of the game – it will not use loot boxes, there will be a 24/7 moderation team to protect players, and it is going into beta this summer – there’s a lot of buzz about the game before we even know how it all works.



From the description provided so far, it sounds like you will traverse the world and discover treasure chests (containing blocks and items), as well as finding mobs and adventures dotted around the world to interact with. You can build in AR on a tabletop view before placing this building into the world in “real-life” scale. It appears that players can collaborate on building structures, and see the buildings of other players around the map. It’s ambitious and exciting, but will either rely on a good community of players (or a diligent team of moderators and protective functionality) to prevent it becoming a griefer fest.


In other news, in a blog post this week it was confirmed that Minecraft has sold 176 million copies across all platforms, potentially overtaking Tetris (170m copies) to become the highest selling game of all time. It’s certainly an impressive figure and with the constant support and updates the game receives then it doesn’t look like that pace will drop any time soon!


Are you excited to punch trees in the real world?

Sony and Microsoft tag team gaming

In a bizarre partnership that could have profound importance for the state of console gaming for years to come, this week we learned that Sony and Microsoft have signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” to explore the benefits of sharing resources and development for AI and cloud-based services to support gaming.


With Microsoft’s Azure services being mentioned alongside Sony’s high-tech image sensors and semiconductors, this partnership could allow them to produce systems which might bring cloud gaming development to a unified platform.


There is little information so far about what this exactly means but with Google Stadia moving into the cloud gaming market in the coming months then it makes sense for Microsoft and Sony to try and position themselves to compete against that behemoth. Although we’re yet to see exactly what Stadia or Sonycrosoft’s new services will offer, it appears that these industry giants expect cloud and AI-enhanced gaming services to be the next big market.


What do you think this new and unexpected partnership could bring?


New Shit

This week brings a whole new batch of digital joy to keep your idle hands busy. The basics are listed below in a neat little tabular summary but your friend Google will fill in the rest of the details.


Title Format Publisher Release Date
American Fugitive PC/PS4 Curve Digital 21/5/2019
Killing Floor: Double Feature PS4 Tripwire Interactive 21/5/2019
Observation PC/PS4 Devolver Digital 21/5/2019
Team Sonic Racing NS/PC/PS4/XO SEGA 21/5/2019
Gladiabots PC Future Friends Games 22/5/2019
Gunlord X NS NG:DEV.TEAM 22/5/2019
Splitgate: Arena Warfare PC 1047 Games 22/5/2019
The Last Door NS/PS4/XO (online) The Game Kitchen 22/5/2019
American Fugitive NS Curve Digital 23/5/2019
Balancelot PC Jestercraft 23/5/2019
Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! Lin/Mac/PC Publisher TBA 23/5/2019
Pathologic 2 PC tinyBuildGAMES 23/5/2019
Star Sky NS JMJ 23/5/2019
Total War: Three Kingdoms Lin/Mac/PC SEGA 23/5/2019
American Fugitive XO Curve Digital 24/5/2019
Dollhouse PC/PS4 Soedesco 24/5/2019
For The King NS/PS4 Merge Games 24/5/2019
Hungry Baby: Party Treats NS Digital Melody Games 24/5/2019
Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition NS Bandai Namco 24/5/2019


The Wins

Now a quick roundup of the other stuff that you might have missed, probably because you had better things to do. Fortunately, we didn’t…. So here they are.


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