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Like a trebuchet of information bombarding your castle of experience. There may be casualties in this war of gaming news.


So long, KewlBoi39572

This week the long-awaited name change option was released for Playstation players. The function was announced several months ago, which was many years too late for most gamers who created their Playstation ID back in the early Middle Ages.

The ability to change your gamer tag is free (the first time) and then costs money for any subsequent changes. This brings it into line with Xbox name changes, which have allowed paid name changes for a long while.

The real icing on the cake is that even with name changes being finally released, you might still lose progress and completely ruin many of your favourite games. The Playstation website lists a huge number of both first- and third-party titles which have “critical issues” when you change your name. Even games published after the stated cut-off (1st April 2018) have reportedly caused problems when gamers have changed names.

To address this problem, Playstation will let you revert your name back to the original stupid name…. but that might not actually fix your game progress. The page detailing the issues notes that for such titles, the name change might cause the following:


  • User may lose in-game currency whether paid for or earned;
  • Loss of game progress, including scores and progress toward trophy unlocking;
  • Loss of user-generated content or parts of the game may not function properly, both online and offline.


What a total shitshow. Basically, if you want to keep playing any of the dozens of games with issues – then it looks like you’ll have to stick with “xxHuge13Dongxx” or “ILoveFredDurst” for a while longer.


May The Farce Be With You

This week the rumoured next installment in the Star Wars gaming legacy got a teaser trailer and some freshly confirmed details.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be a single-player-only and micro-transactions-free game, being published by EA. Yes, I know those two things don’t seem to go together, but that’s what they are claiming.

The game includes lightsaber combat in a “thoughtful” way where you have to use all the available skills to succeed. Precisely how combat (or any of the rest of the gameplay) actually works is still to be confirmed.

The game features a lead called Cal Kestis who is a n00b Jedi on the run from the Empire. The Gotham and Shameless (US) actor Cameron Monaghan is providing his features for the motion-capture. Cal will be accompanied by a droid buddy… which given the post-Disney incarnations I am assuming it will be cute AF and marketable in plush-toy form.

The baddies in the game include Second Sister – an inquisitor hunting down the remaining Jedi – and a bunch of melee combat troopers who will put your lightsaber skills to the test.

The teaser trailer is a bit corny, heavily moody, and lacking in any gameplay, but you can take a watch to see what you think. I’m not expecting too much from the game, after getting my hopes up for too many EA excretions that flopped disappointingly into my game collection. As the trailer states – “Trust no-one…. trust only in the Force”.

The game is due for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 15 November 2019, so expect to hear more about the game in the coming months.


You Build Me Up To Knock Me Down Again

This week some eagle-eyed viewers spotted something unusual in the recent Super Smash trailer: an as-yet unannounced option on the main menu. By the looks of things, this was from an unreleased build of the game with a “stage builder” included, indicating that fans won’t have long to wait before being able to create custom stages to smash the crap outta their friends.

The news follows hints at the new feature uncovered by data-miners in the code for version 3.0… although we are still waiting for an official announcement. The he evidence does seem to be mounting up that we’ll get the stage builder some time soon – and while Nintendo haven’t confirmed the feature is coming they also haven’t removed the trailer video which accidentally leaked the news either!

The stage builder has been a feature of previous Smash titles, so we’re fairly optimistic that we will soon be able to make our own stages for the Switch version. Along with the stage builder, the data miners found evidence of another game mode “Home Run Contest” which is likely to come in the new version, as well as the previously-announced Joker as a new character.

Who is excited for these new additions to Smash?


New Shit

Remarkably, game publishers keep pumping out new games. These are some of the newest titles being birthed in the coming week.


Title Format Publisher Release Date
Interpoint PC Juvty Worlds 15/04/2019
World of Warships: Legends PS4/XO 15/04/2019
Heaven’s Vault PC/PS4 inkle 16/04/2019
My Time at Portia NS/PS4/XO Team17 16/04/2019
Siege of Centauri PC Stardock 16/04/2019
Anno 1800 PC Ubisoft 16/04/2019
PGA TOUR Golf Shootout An/iOS GameMill 17/04/2019
Trüberbrook NS/PS4/XO Headup 17/04/2019
Abrakadaboom PC (online) Argonauts Studios 18/04/2019
Cuphead NS StudioMDHR 18/04/2019
Down To Hell PC Red Dev Studio 18/04/2019
God’s Trigger PC/PS4/XO Techland 18/04/2019
PowerBeatsVR Orift/Vive/PC Five Mind Creations 18/04/2019
Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Lin/Mac/PC Mi-Clos Studio 18/04/2019
The Padre NS/PC/PS4/XO Shotgun with Glitters 18/04/2019
Heir to Davy Jones PC Graphium Studios 19/04/2019
Witch Thief NS Cardboard Keep 19/04/2019


The Wins

Now for some extra bits of news which have rebounded off the fact castle and ended up bruised and weary.

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