Newshit: 13th – 16th May (Fantasies of Episodic Finality)

Newshit 13th May

Another week, another quick look at the stuff that’s rocked the gaming world this week. A few announcements, a couple of rumours and an eye of newt to complete the potion. Some details have been changed to protect the victim’s family.


Fantasies of Episodic Finality

Confirmation this week that the Final Fantasy 7 remake, which has been delayed after Square Enix took the development back in-house, will indeed be split into parts. The long-delayed game will now take much longer to eventually release in full, and this has led some commentators to speculate that the release carry over into the next console generation.


The classic title has been completely reworked including the turn-based gameplay being updated to the 3D action style for battles and cutscenes resembling the Final Fantasy movies for glossy quality. It’s frikking gorgeous, that’s for sure, but whether the overall package delivers the same experience as the original will come down to the balance of story and action.


The newest trailer as part of the Playstation State of Play indicates that there will be “more to come in June” which could possibly be a showing at this year’s E3 with a new trailer and potential release date for the first part of the game. This would appear to be the early parts of the game or “first disc” as compared to the original PS1 release. We are still expectantly hoping for more details on whether other parts of the game will have changed for the new release.


Are you excited for the FF7 remake? Are you less keen now we know the game will be split?


Minecraft turns ten

Almost strange to think that only ten years have passed since Minecraft was birthed into the world – given how much of a cultural phenomenon it has been – and there are several funky developments which Mojang have announced to mark the occasion. These new developments come just a with the release of their new Village and Pillage update which has added a bunch of new hostile mobs into the game and plenty of additional content surrounding the humble villages and their grunting inhabitants.


Secondly there is a new 10th anniversary map available to download for Java and Bedrock editions which includes a bunch of homages and tributes to the game’s highly successful decade, as well as several secrets and easter eggs which have been dotted around the map for players to uncover. Players have already discovered a book by “Herobrine” with codes which might be used to access some of these secrets.


Firstly a sweet update in the form of Classic Minecraft now officially playable in your browser – and by “classic” they mean the very first builds with only few available blocks and a whole bunch of bugs – but with the advantage of simple multiplayer using link sharing. It’s a slightly painful experience although you’ve got to enjoy the ease of going to a webpage and building basic wooden and woollen structures with friends, or playing around with the janky sponges which sorta work in draining water even though the water does not flow. Classic Minecraft requires a keyboard but if you’re equipped and ready then head over to try out this browser throwback.


How will you be celebrating Minecraft’s tenth birthday?


E3 T-1 month

We’ve got a bunch of confirmed slots for E3 2019 with Nintendo, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft and Square Enix all scheduled for announcements during the week’s festivities. Obviously the notable exception is Sony, who threw their toys out of the pram and opted for a more minimalist approach to delivering gaming updates, like the soulless and inconsistent State of Play videos.


Many rumours are flying around about what might be displayed – with Final Fantasy VII remake being tipped to feature, Animal Crossing Switch potentially getting a solid release date and Microsoft showing off their next generation console first in an attention-grabbing marketing ploy. The new Nintendo Switch variants and hopefully more on the new Pokemon mobile title should be confirmed, but Ninty could potentially have something far more exciting up their sleeves (as Ninty just love to do).


Everyone expects Bethesda to have a mild showing, with the disaster of Fallout 76 still tainting the sweet offerings they might present, and it’s looking unlikely that we’ll get anything more solid on the upcoming Elder Scrolls title that was very sparingly teased at E3 last year. Ubisoft are likely to announce a few new titles coming over the next year or so, although Assassin’s Creed won’t be getting a new entry this year.


What are you looking forward to at E3 this year?


New Shit

Again we round up the stuff coming up in the category of “new release”. These are the titles you can get your grubby mitts on over the course of the next seven days. This news article cannot be held responsible for any irrational purchases as a result of this publication.


TitleFormatPublisherRelease Date
Car TraderNSUltimate Games12/5/2019
A Plague Tale: InnocencePC/PS4/XOFocus Home Interactive14/5/2019
Blades of TimeNSKonami14/5/2019
Evil DefendersNSCrazy Panda14/5/2019
FigmentPS4Bedtime Digital Games14/5/2019
RAGE 2PC/PS4/XOBethesda14/5/2019
Rock of Ages 2 : Bigger & BoulderNSSEGA14/5/2019
Sniper Elite V2 RemasteredNS/PC/PS4/XORebellion14/5/2019
Feudal AlloyXO/NS/PS4Attu Games15/5/2019 (XO), 16/05/19 (PS4/NS)
Alt-FrequenciesAn/iOS/PCAccidental Queens16/5/2019
Dark Future: Blood Red StatesPCAuroch Digital16/5/2019
Tennis World Tour – Roland-Garros EditionNS/PC/PS4/XOBigben16/5/2019
The Gardens BetweeniOSThe Voxel Agents16/5/2019
Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut (Physical Release)NSinXile17/5/2019


The Wins

Wrapping up this edition we have a few new little gems which have dropped into the news bin recently. Our thanks to a Mrs Trellis of North Wales for sending these in.


See behind the scenes of GTA3 with newly-discovered debug tools

Matt Tiernan – our mighty News Hit reporter

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