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Your weekly nutritious meal filled with gaming updates, announcements and steaming hot “news” on the side. Best served cold with a nice glass of mead.

PAXimum Overdrive

Lots of juicy fun at PAX East this week, where Coaching for Geeks’ very own Robin Bates was there to get all the coverage.

We’ve got a hands on with Dangerous Driving, which looks absolutely amazing. While EA/Criterion are sitting on their hands, not providing me with a new installment in the Burnout franchise, in steps Three Fields Entertainment to fill that gaping hole with the smouldering wreckage of vehicles. Read the full article and interview with the Creative Director over on Robin’s post.

Robin has also gotten some time with Space Channel 5 VR, which I didn’t know was coming but has now jumped near the top of my wishlist (along with a VR headset).

Robin has also mentioned that Trover Saves the Universe is a highlight of the show, so hopefully we can learn more about that soon (nudge nudge, Robin).



Apple Arcade

Strange but potentially huge development from Apple this week. Alongside a news service and the launch of their TV service, Apple also dropped the bombshell that it would be offering a new games subscription service later this year. So far, so yawn.

Then the announcement video played, and I found myself getting slightly excited about their proposal. Rather than sit back and take all the monies from Apple gamers, they pitched this as investing in innovative games and studios, akin to how Netflix has become a successful producer of content rather than just letting everyone binge watch it.

The developers on board already is impressive – many huge industry titans have jumped on the Apple bandwagon so far – with more games and details to be announced closer to the launch this autumn. Most are promising exclusive titles (which sucks if you don’t have an Apple device to play them on) but they sound like cool, high-quality games which are well suited to the intended formats.

The subscription service will allow games to be played on iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple TV, and up to six family members can leech off your subscription as well. The games featured on the service will be playable offline (no Stadia-style streaming here) and there will be zero ads or in-app purchases either (in case you’re still trying to work out where the money is coming from).

To be honest, I’m trying to pick holes in it… but failing. I want to hate it, just like when EA announces… anything anymore. I want it to be shit but it actually sounds like they’re doing this right. Investing in the development of quality titles. Bringing the games to a range of devices for you to play wherever you are. Being flexible with the subscription to let a few close friends or family get in on the action.

Take a look at the announcement video and let us know what you think in the comments section!




Elder Scrolls Blades

This week also saw early-access being rolled out on the mobile Elder Scrolls title. I’ve spent quite a few hours testing it out… eventually. When the game first became available to download, I opened it excitedly to find a splash screen informing me that access is being rolled out slowly and I’d have to wait a while longer. The following day I was able to download the additional game data and just hours later I was actually able to play it.

It’s actually pretty good, for what it does. It feels like a console quality dungeon crawler, the graphics and sound are all spot on (aside from a few weird graphical glitches in some areas but that’s understandable for a beta version). The areas to explore are fairly samey (so far) but have enough variety in enemies and loot to salvage that I’m not too bothered by the repetition at this stage. Getting to customise your character – both visually and with the abilities/magic you unlock – as well as the hub town you develop over the game, it all seems really flexible and well presented.

So far I have built a couple of shops in my town, decided that my Breton warrior should focus on melee combat skills, and dipped my feet into the Abyss (a survival mode where you head deeper into an endless dungeon to see how long you last – I made 6 floors so far). The quick-fire mission structure encourages me to open the game for a short dungeon crawl when I get five minutes to spare.


The only downside so far? With it being mobile game, of course there are timed unlocks. Find a juicy chest full of loot in a dungeon? Get ready to click a button in a menu which starts a timer of several hours before you get your grubby mitts on the contents of the chest. Or… maybe pay some real-world monies to get it open instantly. They gotta make their money somehow, I suppose, but it still feels slightly out of context. What exactly is taking so long? Are you handing these locked chests over to the world’s slowest locksmith to crack open? And if so, how come a few dollar pounds gets the lazy bastard to work faster?


Small gripes for overall a very fun and well-implemented 3D RPG in your hands.


New Shit

Some games are being released this week (who knew!?!) so this is a table with details of the newest shit hitting the shelves in the next 7 Earth orbits.


Title Format Publisher Release Date
International Affairs Mac/PC Great Idea Games 01/04/2019
Darksiders Warmastered Edition NS THQ Nordic 02/04/2019
Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl Vive Vertigo Games BV 02/04/2019
Sword & Fairy 6 PS4 eastasiasoft 02/04/2019
Death Mark PC Aksys 04/04/2019
Hob: The Definitive Edition NS/PC/PS4 Perfect World Entertainment 04/04/2019
Islanders PC GrizzlyGames 04/04/2019
Mechstermination Force NS Hörberg Productions 04/04/2019
OVERWHELM NS Alliance Games 04/04/2019
Sephirothic Stories NS Kemco 04/04/2019
The friends of Ringo Ishikawa NS CIRCLE Entertainment 04/04/2019
Beat Blaster Orift/Vive Ivanovich Games 05/04/2019
Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey PC Salix Games 05/04/2019
Monster Slayers NS Digerati Distribution 05/04/2019
Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission NS/PC Bandai Namco 05/04/2019
Yet Another Zombie Defense NS Awesome Games Studio 05/04/2019


The Wins

Closing off the roundup this week are some other stories which have not been verified and might have been exaggerated (only slightly).


  • Everyone’s favourite corrupted hobbit is finally getting his big video game debut
  • Streets are taking an anger management course, due to fall off the wagon later this year
  • Media Molecule’s Dreams all seem to involve your wallet
  • Want to drown your friend in papier mache? Try the “co-op” mode in Yoshi’s Crafted World
  • Valve confirms new VR headset that will transport you into new and exciting store layouts
  • Fortnite adds poisonous players in new update
  • Google Maps releases Snake for April Fools’ Day, sadly in the Nokia-style and not Metal Gear-style
  • Sega has another try at successfully releasing a 30-year old console in tiny form, apparently comes with “some games”
  • Borderlands 3 comes packed with a billion guns forgot to bring any ammo
  • Monolith are hiring for a new Zelda game, need a voice actor who can say “Hey, listen” as annoyingly as possible


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