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Newshit 25th March

Another week, another batch of gaming news delivered steaming hot to your eyeballs. This week’s news is brought to you by the letter “G”.


Stadia Arcadia

As expected, Google stormed the news this week by officially entering the gaming sector. Dubbed “Stadia” the new service will offer games streamed to your PC, phone, or TV – with the PC experience getting “enhanced” with their new, super-generic controller.

No big announcement about the games available through the service except for the upcoming Doom sequel called Doom Eternal. However, Google did provide some brief specs – you’ll need a 25MB/s connection to play, although they seem confident this will allow 4K gaming at 60fps (with 8K graphics and 120fps possible at a later date).

There were a couple of nifty features shown, such as the “State Share” function, which lets you watch a streamer’s gameplay and then pick up from the same point to try and beat their time/score yourself using the Stadia. You can also share your gameplay quickly and simply using the dedicated share button, get groups of viewers to play with you using the “Crowd Play” function, as well as using the dedicated Google Assistant button to… er…  I dunno… maybe look up cheat codes while you play?

There are quite a few holes in the details provided though, such as the recommended speed, which is higher than many gamers have at the moment (time to start shopping for a more expensive internet contract). The power of the hardware has also been questioned. While the computing power is greater than the XBox One and PS4 combined, these are both compact home devices – you would expect that Google could produce something with stupid amounts of power – and no word on what will happen when the PS5 and XBox Two specs are confirmed.


XBox Ones And A Half

While not a next-generation model, there has been information released about a new disc-free XBox One model – called the XBox One S – which is hitting the shelves this summer. It’s likely to be much cheaper but most importantly does not have a Blu-ray drive built-in.

The new model is pegged to come out on 7th May, which should time nicely for some of the XBox’s big summer releases (assuming it has any) and will then time nicely for a massive price cut at the end of the year.

It’s another part of the continuing trend away from physical media and into a digital-only and subscription-based gaming landscape. Similar to music, films and TV services, the way we consume games is changing (and surely for the worse). When you want to sit down in later life to play some classics from your earlier years, you can’t just dig out a console and games from storage. You’ll have to sign up for a subscription service and hope they have the games you want…. plus it’ll all be owned by Disney by then anyway.


In separate console iteration news, there’s more information coming out about new Switch models being released this year, with strong rumours that there will be a cheaper, stripped-down version alongside a beefier, “pro” model.


Switch Up The Indie Line Up

Nintendo outlined their indie games offering for the next few months, showing that Switch isn’t just for those heavy-hitting first party titles (which I’m sure we’ll get at some point).

Making the jump to another console is Cuphead, the retro art style platformer that will make you smile and scream in equal measure. Cadence of Hyrule is a surprise Zelda rhythm-action game mashup which looks remarkably good, due to release later in the spring.

There’s also a bunch of other titles which will presumably be interesting to someone somewhere. Take a look at the full list – available in the description of their “Nindies Showcase” video.



New Shit

Now to highlight some of the titles you can spunk all your hard-earned cash on this week. No links direct to the content this week, mainly because you all know how Google works, right?

(There might be some affiliate amazon links. Buy some stuff and feed my gaming habit – Robin)


Title Format Publisher Release Date
Insulting Toads An BlueDog Apps 25/03/2019
Through Abandoned: The Refuge PC KISS Ltd 25/03/2019
Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs iOS Resolution Games 26/03/2019
Block-a-Pix Deluxe PS4/PSV Lightwood Games 26/03/2019
GALAK-Z: The Void – Deluxe Edition NS 17 Bit 26/03/2019
Grimshade Mac/PC Asterion Games 26/03/2019
OMG HD Zombies NS Laughing Jackal 26/03/2019
Our World is Ended PC PQube 26/03/2019
Outward PC/PS4/XO Maximum Games 26/03/2019
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II PS4 XSEED Games 26/03/2019
Xenon Racer NS/PC/PS4/XO Soedesco 26/03/2019
Grand Mountain Adventure An Toppluva 27/03/2019
Neon Caves NS Force Of Habit 27/03/2019
Willowbrooke Post PC Excalibur 27/03/2019
Windscape PC/ XO (online) Headup 27/03/2019
Akuto: Showdown PC Hut 90 28/03/2019
ArmZ VR PC Televisor Studio 28/03/2019
Assassin’s Creed III Remastered NS/PC/PS4/XO Ubisoft 28/03/2019
Croixleur Sigma NS Playism 28/03/2019
FUN! FUN! Animal Park NS Aksys 28/03/2019
Monsters with Attitude An/iOS flaregames 28/03/2019
She Remembered Caterpillars NS Ysbryd Games 28/03/2019
Tanzia PC Arcanity Inc. 28/03/2019
The Horus Heresy: Legions PC Everguild 28/03/2019
Warparty Mac/NS/PC/PS4/XO Crazy Monkey Studios 28/03/2019
Akashicforce PC Fruitbat Factory 29/03/2019
Bugs Must Die PC dg Games Workshop 29/03/2019
Grave Keeper PC Ultimate Games 29/03/2019
Operencia: The Stolen Sun PC/XO ZEN Studios 29/03/2019
Tropico 6 PC Kalypso Media Group 29/03/2019
Yoshi’s Crafted World NS Nintendo 29/03/2019


The Wins

Now we take a quick look at some other gaming titbits that we didn’t have time to rant about over several paragraphs.


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