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My Geek Box Review – February 2019 – Plastic tat

Guess what Robin thinks from the page title with a review of February's My Geek Box

I said 'plastic tat' and I meant it!


A black my geek box on a white background
Review Summary

Product Name:

Product Type:

Subscription Box


£19.99 plus about £3 postage


Old unwanted crap and customer service to match. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Last months My Geek Box wasn’t bad – check out the review – with some decent items. The second one had some good stuff too – Harry Potter drinking glasses, a Spider-Man light.

And now we have this one.

Oh how the mighty have fallen

And now we have this one.

One which is an embarrassment. One which brings shame upon My Geek Box and also after having the misfortune of dealing with their customer service team brings us to a scathing review.

What's in the My Geek Box?

​Roll VT!

There you have it.

Let's do the maths - is this worth the cost?

I've gone for the price I could find them online, or in teh case of the Jurassic World Slime Egg, my local corner shop.

Twilight Funko Pop £13.29

Boomerang Action Figure £5.99

T Shirt £5

A poster £5? (stab in the dark, there are nicer ones for about £7)

Jurassic World Slime Egg £1

TOTAL VALUE - £30.28

Box Cost - £19.99
Postage - £2.99

TOTAL COST - £22.98

A saving of £7.30 

Things got worse when I had to speak to customer service.

Now here’s where it gets really fun. I noticed a charge on my card – I’d ordered a box as a prize for someone in the Coaching for Geeks Community on the 1pth of Jan. Another charge was taken on the 1st Feb.

I had assumed, incorrectly, that the monthly fee would be month to month. I was wrong.  It gets taken on the 1st.

So a group member is getting an extra box because customer service refused to cancel the order.

1 star for opaqueness, making current subscriptions hidden, and hard to cancel.

Really poor. And the last My Geek Box Coaching for Geeks will review... (unless they send another freebie, though somehow I doubt it after this review!)


We all know these boxes are usually end of line stuff, that's bought cheap and sold on for a profit. This has never been more evident than it is here. Shady anti-consumer practices are the icing on the cake for My Geek Box and as an affiliate seller I am embarrassed to have a relationship with it. Poor. Very poor indeed.


The Good Stuff:
  • ​It was well packed

  • ​It's a nice box - useful for KonMarie methoding some items away

  • The cardboard tube protected the small poster
The Bad Stuff:
  • ​It was all crap

  • Terrible customer service

  • Seriously, whoever put this box together should be ashamed

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My Geek Box - Feb 2019

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