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Cats! Magic! Building! And Dreamz (crazy of course)! It’s a MagiCats Builder Review


MagiCats Builder; A game of randomness, player creativity and best of all, cats! It is a free to play game that’s available on PC via Steam and it is also available on mobile via the Apple Store and Google Play.


Little Big Catnip?



MagiCats Builder is a side scrolling platform game, which highly emphasises on the community to create all sorts of wonderful worlds for you to play. The game itself doesn’t have a story and the levels that are already in place serve as a tutorial for you to get to grips with it. There is however another game that Dreamz Studio has released called The Best Of MagiCats. It’s a compilation of some of the best 100 levels created by the community from all over the world, which should give you a good idea in to how elaborate you can design a level.


Drag and Drop It (like it’s hot)


The gameplay works like most typical side scrollers, where you run, jump, dash, and climb up walls with your claws. As the name of the game hints you can also use magic to shoot your way through enemies. Although the controls are simple, they may take you some time to get used to, which I cover later on in this review. Once you get past the issues, you’ll enjoy the game. The level builder aspect of the game is great and really allows you to get creative and make very intricate levels. The items work on a drag and drop basis and is very easy to get used to, however things start to get complicated when you start assigning commands to entities to do all sorts of things. There is no real theme to the level building, like you would expect from the Super Mario games. You can change the background from different times of day and there is what looks like a castle theme. I’d say that the theme comes from your own imagination.

There are limitations to the level builder, as you don’t have access to all the items off the bat. You will have to unlock them by spending in game currency on packs from the store, which are random. The in-game currency can be accumulated in a few various ways. This includes playing player created maps, along with the daily maps randomised by the game, earning achievements and the part I find most interesting, earning it from the maps created yourself that others have played. There is however a paid DLC pack which will give you access to all off this if you’d rather do that.


Even with the limitations of not having unlocked every item, I’ve dabbled with creating a world, which I definitely found enjoyable. It was a very simple and easy level, but yet funny to create. I plan on creating more intense levels, which will make use of the powerful coding system in place, so they are more engaging for the community to play.


Graphics and Sound


The graphics, although simple are decent and easy on the eyes, pair this with the funky music it has, it’s very welcoming. There could however be more variety of music in the game and I also noticed that each time you complete a level the level music and the general background music play over each other, which is slightly irritating, hopefully this will get fixed. Other issues I found with the game are that the controls can be unresponsive at times. You don’t always jump or dash where you think you will go, which can get annoying on complicated maps as you will end up failing a lot and get frustrated. The other issue is with the ranged attacks. You don’t always shoot in the direction aimed and if you spam the attack it ends up not responding to your clicks. The last issue is with loading screens. I’ve had to reboot the game multiple times to get it to load, as it freezes up when transitioning between loading screens.


Is it Worth a Go?


Overall, the game is enjoyable if you can get past the few issues mentioned above. The number of maps there are, along with the potential of more being created by the community it should give you enough replay ability. The game is free, so it’s worth giving it ago. The more people who play, the bigger the community grows, so try it out for yourself.


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