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If Ice Cream Is Your Diet’s Nightmare, Don’t Be Afraid Anymore…


Our guest writer Tamsyn Kennedy tried the top 3 low calorie ice creams on the market today. If you need your sweet tooth fix and comfort food, the calories don’t have to be horrifying.

“Halloween cupcakes, anyone?”

In July, I started my healthy eating journey. I did this mainly to lose weight – not because I felt negative about my body, the gremlins don’t win over me. But because one of my worst nightmares is not fitting into my favourite clothes that well anymore.

My plan is to lose about 1.5 stone to get to my ideal weight –  and to do this, I decided to cut down to 1,200 calories a day. I can eat and drink anything, as long as it comes under that amount.

For exercise I am going to try the 4 times a week HIIT sessions at home a la Joe Wicks. With a full time job, a husband that works nights and 3 kids, 30 mins is all I can squeeze in. And more steps and taking the stairs, of course.

I’m going to use tech to help me – I’ve got my smart water bottle reminding me to hydrate (something I am terrible at) and my smart watch tracker and fitness app.

(I’m also doing a cheeky experiment on the side with that – I’m convinced my metabolism is lower due to hypothyroidism, so I’m going to enter my weight at the start, all my exercise and food and see if it can predict my weight correctly at the end…)

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Enter The Challenger: I Scream For Ice Cream

As someone loves ice cream and will eat the whole tub, it is important to find one that won’t wreck my eating plan.

This is not an issue for everybody. I’m not saying everyone should cut back on the calories they eat or not eat what they want to. We are all beautiful just the way we are.

But as I was  looking for a less indulgent alternative I thought I would put up my take:

Are these ice creams merely the ghost of the real thing?


  1. Halo Top Vanilla (Tesco, 280 calories per pint)

The most famous of all the low calorie ice creams. As my first taste of low cal ice cream I was amazed. Where had this been all my life? Sweet, creamy, good texture I was sold! Didn’t get the bad sweetener taste until quite a way down the tub. Halo top has the most exciting flavours like birthday cake and red velvet, but the more exciting you get the more calories there are. Also comes in dairy free versions but not tried those.

  1. Breyers Vanilla (Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s, Waitrose, 290 calories per pint)

If you prefer a more Italian style of low calorie ice cream – more milky and creamy, this one is better than halo top. It does have the vanilla seeds in it too if you like that sort of thing. Sweetener taste again didn’t appear until I’d finished quite a lot of it. Not as big a range of flavours as Halo Top. My favourite.

  1. Oppo Vanilla (Asda, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, 342 calories per pint)

My least favourite low calorie ice cream. The consistency was more like the cheaper-rated ice creams and the artificial sweetener bitterness was present quite early on. I’m not going to turn down a tub if you put it in front of me but wouldn’t pick it over the others. Also more calories. About the same range of flavours as Breyers.


To sum up, low calorie ice cream isn’t as good as the real thing. You can tell the difference, and there is an artificial sweetener taste which does appear. However, considering the calories are almost a quarter of the real deal, I will make sure there are no sneaky calories in my freezer, waiting to jump out…


What food scares YOU? Will you be able to avoid it this Halloween? 

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