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It’s the geeky daddy of subscription boxes… the almighty LootCrate

Geekgasm in a box with LootCrate


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Monthly Subscription Box


$19.99/£24.99 plus shipping


The daddy of the geeky subscription crate model, LootCrate, knows exactly what it’s doing and only falls short of a 5 star review due to a couple of minor details.



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last chance today!(20 March 2019)

LOOTCRATE. The daddy of the geek subscription boxes. Starting in 2012 with the aim of creating comic con on a box, they grew massively, with over 200, 000 subscribers by the end of 2014.Loot Crate’s themed boxes extend across anime, gaming, horror, and just clothes as well as franchise specific Loot Crates featuring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Rick & Morty, Halo, Fallout, Deadpool, Elder Scrolls, WWE, Firefly, Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and awwww, Hello Kitty.

That’s a lot of boxes.

They’ve got the experience and the purchasing power to make some great boxes and I’ve already been impressed with Loot Gaming (check a review of that out) but this is the first proper standard Loot Crate I’ve got my hands on.

They’ve been experiencing delivery delays, so can they make up for the fact that I paid for this in February?

Let’s crack it open…

And now some photos in case you don’t like video

Ordering and Cancelling Loot Crate

I’ve talked about this a few times with other boxes so let’s make it a regular part.Ordering is really easy, pick a box, pick your size, pick how long you want your subscription to last (don’t forget a monthly subscription will renew every month unless you cancel), and pay.It has taken a couple of months for my first box to arrive and they have sent an apologetic email out with updated delivery schedules – not great but at least they said something.

Cancelling used to be incredibly easy but the recent site update has obscure subscriptions slightly, but on the flip side, it’s really clear when your subscription will renew.It’s still not hard, but it takes a couple of clicks too many to cancel a LootCrate subscription – ‘my account’, click on the relevant subscription, click the edit button next to ‘payment details’, click ‘cancel my subscription’. They’ll offer to skip the next crate, so hit cancel again, they’ll likely offer you a discount on your next crate to try and keep you…You can also skip a crate if you don’t like the forthcoming brands, so it’s not a complete gamble. Which I really like.

It’s always a gamble, ordering a blind subscription box, but Loot Crate makes it easy to skip any you don’t want.


I’m honestly really impressed with LootCrate. They’ve been around for a while and clearly know what they’re doing. Delivery schedules could be improved and hopefully will do. Waiting a couple of months for the first crate isn’t ideal but this is a small niggle.There are regular discounts (hit me up if there isn’t a current one below and I might have one in my inbox for you), they let you skip boxes, cancelling doesn’t mean having to email customer services.

I like pretty much everything in the box and that my friends, when I am so hard to please, is golden.

4.5 /5

The Good Stuff:
  • ​Great customer service.
  • ​Fun selection of items I really liked.
  • Only one item was a dud.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Delays with delivery at the moment
  • ​Cancelling is a little more obscured than it used to be.
  • One item was a dud.

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