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30 Days to Level Up

Scott Pilgrim Levelling Up


Gamer mindset is awesome. Pouring effort and creativity into solving problems, getting stuff done, leveling up.

What if you did that for yourself too? What if you level up?


Level Up in the style of a Pokemon Game

Enter the 30 Day Level Up Challenge

November has 30 days.

What would happen if you set aside 30 minutes, every day, to work on something for you?

One stat.

One skill.

One ring to rule them all

One month to level up.

Which Stat?

Pip Boy from Fallout Series showing the gamer's statistics

That’s up to you to choose.

Will it be:

Health: exercise, healthy eating, food prep, strength training?

Performance: guitar, singing, public speaking streaming, podcasting?

Crafting: knitting, woodwork, editing?

Wealth: business, selling, working, jobhunting?

Heart: dating, relationships, socialising?

Something else entirely?

Build a Streak

Block 30 minutes a day out. Non-negotiable. Time for you. For your future. For your goals and dreams.

Check in daily with evidence of working in the Coaching for Geeks Facebook group.

Build a hot streak.

Level Up.

Ans win fabulous prizes. A SNES mini if I can get one. If not it might be a Raspberry Pi with an emulator on it. Shh. Don’t tell Nintendo.

Streak Broken

Break the streak? Start again.

Build that streak back up.

Whoever has the longest streak at the end of the challenge wins the prizes.

Just to warn you; it could be me. I REALLY want a SNES Mini.

I’m not on Facebook

You can still signup, get the daily email.

You can’t win the prize, get the support and motivation the group offers though.

Maybe get an account and only use it for this.

Join the Facebook group today, now is a good time.

Click here –

Answer the simple questions.


Once you’re in read the rules and say hello.

Make use of it. Ask questions. Post geeky stuff. Help each other out. Ask the coaches for advice. Share your experiences. Make me laugh and good things usually happen.

Daily emails?

Yep, an email in your inbox every day to remind you, motivate you, support you – this keeps me to my word too!

I’m doing the challenge.

I’ve blocked the time out.

I’ve got things to do.

I want to win that SNES Mini (or prize of equivalent value depending on availability in your region – I ain’t paying a scalper).

30 Day Level Up Challenge – Sign Up Now

Get in there.

Press start.

The game commences on 1st November 2017.

How much will you level up?

Entry is now closed.



Robin Bates – Level Up Master


Why not try leveling up being nice?

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