Resource Inventory

Inventory Screen from a Video Game

You are overencumbered and cannot run.

That’s a little inventory joke there.


You’re actually going to get as much stuff as you need stuffed into that bag of holding.

First you’re going to figure out what you already have.

Not just tangible things like maybe a laptop, or money, but also networks of people (friends, colleagues, CfG) and knowledge, skills and experience.

See? You might feel overemcumbered by the time you’ve figured out what you already have.


What do you need to complete this quest?

Sure, you already have a bunch of stuff, but what’s missing?

What items do you need? What powerups and XP? What learning will you do? Which people will you meet?

The video below covers it all.

Don’t forget to maximise it, and don’t miss the MP3, slides and additional notes, and the worksheets below.

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