Reflection & Review – What’s Next?

This is the end

At least of the main course content.

It’s tooled you up with everything you need to know to figure out what’s important to you, what you want, how to make a truly excellent goal, figure out what you already have and need to acquire, and lastly make a plan to enable you to achieve anything.

Chances are you’re reading this well before you’ve got there – I like to see everything a course offers too so deliberately turned off the previous modules completed requirements.

How far did you get?

Perhaps you’ve had a go and stumbled – that’s OK!

We learn most by failing, so for real – don’t worry about it. You’ve only failed if you allow failure to make you stop trying.

So what did you learn? What worked? What didn’t? what will you do differently?

If you are finding it tough there’s the Powerups pack, and you can always book more 1-2-1 time.

Reflect & Review

This one will show you how to review what you’ve done, reflect on lessons learned, and figure out what’s next.

MP3, worksheets, notes and slides are below, and for the final time in the main body of the course, let’s run the video.



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