Proper Planning Prevents (Some) Swear Words – Action Planning

This module is important

Like really important.

So important I’m using big letters again

Action Planning

This is the culmination of everything that has gone before.

You know what you what and have crafted a brilliant goal.

You know why you want it.

You know what you have that will help you get there.

Now it’s time to craft a plan – all the steps that will move you closer and closer to the goal.

Step by step, ooh baby

People of a certain age will recognise that lyric.

Your plan is flexible, changeable, and elements will rely on other actions to be completed first.

You might plan and then go “Oh, this part is wrong” and that is GREAT. It means you learned something and can update/amend the plan.

Tee plan changes, and it might change often. You should see mine from when I started coaching some years back.


The goal stays the same.



Perfection does not exist.

Don’t chase it. Good enough is good enough. Plans will fall through. Things might not move you as far as expected. There’ll be setbacks, illness, missed opportunities.

No worries! You can’t do everything, you’re not expected to get everything right first time, just have more goes.

Remember when you were a kid, or perhaps you have children, family, or friends kids who you’ve seen playing or trying things out.

They don’t judge success by whether they got it right first time.

They judge success by how many goes they got have.

Adopt that childlike curiosity and be ready to make your plan flexible.

Make a decision, right or wrong.

The road of life is paved with squirrels who couldn’t make a decision.


Alright – let’s go, on with the show!

As always maximise it for best results, and grab the MP3, additional notes, worksheets below

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