I started out as a confidence and motivation coach, dipped into neuro linguistic programming – learned loads so will share some of it right here.

Never forget your big Why?

Find the things that get you going.

Sometimes things suck and the sooner you get them done the sooner you can move on.

Which reminds me – it’s about time I did my tax return!


Positive thinking?

I’m not one of these positive thinking gurus. I believe it has benefits, but it’s also important to experience all of the emotion of the journey. Figure out more about the way you work, what thoughts create what feelings and adapt.

Expressing gratitude can rewire elements of the brain for some people.

Finding your power playlist will work for others.

Everyone’s unique – find what works for you – but no using that as an excuse!

Make new habits, create new neural pathways, I promise it gets easier; I’ve gone from lazy layabout borderline alcoholic stoner gamer to a beast of getting stuff done.

66 days on average to make a new habit.

You can do that.

Enough GIFs – on with the show!



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