Character Select – Who is this Guy?


There’s only me, sorry, until I recruit Scorpion, Axel, or *insert favourite 80s/90s playable character here* you’re stuck with me. They’re probably terrible coaches though.


Why should you listen to me? I turned my life around. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve learned and grown and developed my coaching and mentoring skills and have helped hundreds of people get results.

A couple of things have changed since this was recorded.

The Podcast is now The Coaching for Geeks Show and has been Number 1 in the UK and US Gaming & Hobbies charts. The business has grown and now includes an amazing fitness coach and dating coach, with more coaches joining the team very soon. The dating course is available now.

I’ve also lost about 10kgs, quit weed, made plans, grown the business – all thanks to the tools in this course.

On with the video!



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