You know I love some accountability

At least if you’re in the CfG facebook group you do!

Accountabilibuddies make you accountabilibuddiable.

But why?

It’s someone to report in to.

To bounce ideas off.

Get excited with.

Be a friendly shoulder.

And a critical friend.

They aren’t there to tell you off, they’re there to ask questions to help you get the results you want, see things from another perspective, figure out any blocks so they don’t get in the way again.

What’s included?

Every level of this programme includes some accountability with Coaching for Geeks HQ, and you can top it up with more if required.

One of the handouts includes details of what’s included at each level, plus your options for more, and for finding accountability elsewhere.

I’ve probably included a guide for accountabilibuddies too (it’s not yet written but will be soon – you should hold me accountable to that).

Let’s get accountable!

On with the video – as ever hit maximise to go full screen. MP3, slides and additional notes, and handouts (no worksheets this time) are below.





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