1-2-1 and Skype Coaching


The basic package includes 1 Skype coaching session as a bonus (worth £97). When you buy the basic package you’ll receive a voucher code which can be used on our booking page to book a session with Robin.

You’ll talk through your goal, ensure it’s something you want, use the most powerful language to give it more oomph, and start to figure out your plan of action.

If any limiting beliefs or barriers are in the way then it’s an opportunity to break them down.


The six week package includes six 1-2-1 sessions, so you can check in every week with your progress, update the goals for the week ahead, discuss any challenges, and have that extra support, work on confidence, self-belief, motivation – the things that sometimes get in the way of achieving more.


Lastly the six month programme – every week for six months. Want to overhaul your life? This is the one to go for.


Packages can be upgraded, additional 1-2-1 bolt-ons can be bought, and we’ll make sure you get what you want.

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