They’re everywhere… The spiders… They’ve surrounded me… I can hear them from every angle… Somewhere…  I never knew they could be so loud. I can’t see any of them though. I’ll just move this plant pot… Arrrgh!

Where oh where could the spidery bastards be?

101 Ways to Kill a Spider

If you are an arachnophobe, this experience will likely put you off immediately. However, if you can push past the fear there is a good opportunity for some comic, over the top, cathartic revenge in Kill It With Fire. Your own fear of the freaks is the only thing that can stop you, once mastered you’ll find there’s no way to lose this game. There is no health or death, God mode comes as standard. With invulnerability (to everything not just spiders) there is no need to hold back in your vengeance, and to help with that you are supplied with a ridiculously over the top arsenal to obliterate as many spiders as super-humanly possible. Fun! The worst the spiders can do to stop you is spit a web in your face and obscure your vision, but when you’re armed with a Molotov cocktail your aim doesn’t even have to be that good.

Revenge is sweet when you hit a spider right between the eyes with an RPG. The rocket-propelled grenade kind, not a hardback 5E rulebook.

Along Came a Spider

Things start small in the first of the eight levels that comprise Kill It With Fire. You’ll be scanning for spiders with a handy radar and, once located, killing them by chucking household objects around or trying to squash them with your clipboard and generally creating satisfying havoc. While searching for the little 8-legged lowlifes, you’ll also find new weapons, upgrades and missions to complete that will unlock additional abilities. These missions are rather basic; some simple puzzles, killing the right number of spiders and a lot of searching the environments. When you get to the bigger levels this can be a chore, particularly as the sprint button is an unlockable ability. Unforgivable!

While concentrating on the to-do list on your Kill It With Fire clipboard, it’s entirely possible to forget the game even has spiders in it as they are actually quite a passive bunch and you can play for long stretches without seeing any. While this may be a relief for the more sensitive players, the missions aren’t interesting enough on their own and I was craving more spider attacks. It’s more fun to take a ‘kick in the door’ approach and decimate each level with a can of hairspray and a lighter. Fire. Fire is your friend! It can’t harm you it spreads quickly, and it’ll smoke out the leggy vermin in an instant.

Whilst chucking things around to squash spiders and setting the place on fire is all initially a lot of fun, as the game progresses the limitations become more apparent. There is no actual fire damage beyond a burnt texture change. It is possible to break plates and plant pots, but most things are indestructible – even some coffee cups – and while some levels allow environmental damage these are scripted events. This really limits the opportunities for chaos and sandbox potential of the game, and it will only be a matter of hours before you feel like you’ve seen all the game has to offer.

To Kill Spiders or Not to Kill Spiders?

This is no AAA game though but the work of one man, so expectations should be tempered, and the price point is good. The game made me laugh out loud at several points and even though I can hold my own with a spider, they managed a jump scare or two! Good thing I unlocked a flamethrower to teach the crawling creeps a lesson.

3.5/5 or 7/10 if you prefer bigger numbers.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
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