Make terrible mistakes that are only semi permanent with inkbox Tattoos

You don’t need Splatoon as an excuse to get inky anymore.


INKBOX Review Summary

Product Name:

Inkbox Semi Permanent Tattoos

Product Type:

Non permanent tattoo pads and ink, plus freestyle tattoo ink pens.


$14-$23 plus postage (free to mainland USA and Canada, $9 flat fee worldwide).EXCLUSIVE CFG DISCOUNT BELOW!


A brilliant product and a class act that reeks of professionalism through and through. I LOVE Inkbox and it comes very highly recommended.


I love tattoos. I’ve got four. I love two of them.

“I am Thrakhath nar Kiranka, Prince of Kilrah, the fang of Sivar, destroyer of worlds”― Thrakhath, The Last one Left

I am also a massive geek.

Don’t ask about the horrible mistakes I made when I was 14 and 15. Those horrible mistakes include getting tattoos from a tattoo parlour that got shut down because he was not only a tattoo artist but a crack dealer.

Fun times in the 1990s.

Ask me about my dolphin sometime…

Enter Inkbox – semi permanent tattoos that promise the look and feel of a real tattoo.That can’t be real can it? 8-18 days of having ink that fades?I checked it out to see how good they actually are.

And here’s the results after a day.

What’s the inkbox vibe?

The inkbox package just screams professionalism at you.

From the envelope to the packaging, the Facebook messenger implementation of the instructions, everything is covered and they own their style completely.

They didn’t have to include branded alcohol wipes or a cloth. The latex gloves didn’t have to be black.

But they did. They care about the process and experience just as much as the end result, and that comes through in bucket loads (of ink?).

Turns out I LOVE inkbox!

There are so many reasons to try them out; I got gaming inkbox tattoos ahead of PAX East and EGX Rezzed, but for parties, festivals, cosplay, to try something out and see if you like it, or to scare your mum by putting one of your face (don’t do that).

Sure, the one on my wrist is marginally less dark than the one on my finger, and in some lights has a certain blue hue to it rather than black. In direct sunlight it looks perfect

People think they’re real, and the finger tattoo has leaked a little into the fold, so it even looks like real tattoo blowout.

How about that finger tattoo?

​I tried the smaller inkbox tattoo the very next day.

It was slightly more awkward to apply and I ended up with a small inky patch on the next finger.

Immediately afterwards it looked pretty bar.

But after waiting and then taking a hot shower, the magic happened.

Sure the tip has bled a little into the crease of my finger; I figured that would happen and that’s why I went for it – to put it to the test.

It’s not ideal but it actually looks a bit more realistic for it. Tattoo blowout on the fingers happens folks.

But wait, there’s more!

They do a freehand ink as well. I have wobbly hands and am bad ad writing my own name, never mind doing freehand art, but there are people I would trust with this.

Including our own James Gifford.

AND they do custom tattoos.

AND they support the Darien Initiative to ensure their ink is sustainable and not harming the local people or environement. 

OH INKBOX. So close to a 5 star review but there are just a couple of tiny things that stop the coveted ‘shut up and take my money’ award from being earned this time.

Make it easier to apply – number the steps on the product.

Add the design to the back of the inkpad to make it easier to see exactly where you’re applying it.

Make the website categories slightly easier to navigate – there are almost too many options and it’s hard to find, especially when you want an unlicensed take on a game or fandom.

Lastly pricing and postage. It’s a smidge too expensive, so hurry up and get proper UK distribution channels sorted please! 

But if that is all, then it’s a well-deserved 4.5/5

We’ll re-review in a few months and see if they can claim the extra .5

Inkbox provides a classy and simple solution to the problem of permanence. I am in love with inbox and you should be too.

5 Days Later…

How do these inkbox beauties look?

The triforce has faded a little, not terribly, but it’s already on the way out. I think I needed to press down harder during application, and my watch has been rubbing it.

I deliberately put it through its paces to see how it would hold up and it’s still convincing.

The 8 bit master sword on the other hand, the one I expected to fade almost instantly, looks brilliant! A very dark black and people keep asking if it’s real. Though a few people have also asked if it’s a crucifix.HUGELY impressed with this one. 

REALLY impressed. I want more. So go buy some with our discount below and they might just send me some.


Get $5 off your order by using one of our links and our voucher code at checkout:


VALID 29 MARCH 2019 – 5 APRIL 2019


If it’s not been clear, I REALLY LOVE inkbox semi permanent tattoos and am a big fan. My finger (with a sword on it) is hovering over the ‘buy’ button for a few designs, and with new ones coming in regularly I’ll be back for more! 



The Good Stuff:
  • ​A really very high quality product
  • Everything about the product drips with class, style, and professionalism
  • Inkbox tattoos look great!
The Bad Stuff:
  • Slightly blue hue to my triforce
  • Postage costs 
  • A couple of minor usability tweaks could make the experience of ordering and using Inkbox even better


Inkbox get new tattoo designs in regularly and I want more!They also just sold out of the design I wanted next, so grab ’em while you can.

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