If you’re a fan of MMORPGs, then you must have heard of RuneScape. It’s an engaging sandbox MMO that has been popular for so many years. It was developed by Jagex, and they did a great job keeping the game exciting and fun for players. The great thing about it is that you can do numerous activities in the game that can keep you busy. If you’re new to the game and you’re not sure how to play it, then read on to learn more about RuneScape and how you can enjoy playing it.

Choosing Your Class

Many players find it difficult to choose a class sometimes because they’re all equally interesting. You can tell that the class system is interesting, and yet simple because each unique class has a set of attributes and skills. You can go for a mage that focuses on magic, a warrior who needs strength, a ranger who focuses on ranged levels, or a monk that needs prayer levels. Make your choice and see which class suits you best based on your preferences and playstyle.

Farming Gold

The game would require you to farm for gold because it’s the currency that allows you to purchase items, gear, and weapons. Some players do it casually, while others take it a little bit seriously and spend the entire day farming for gold. Some players love to farm for it to sell the gold to others for real money. But since it’s frowned upon, it wouldn’t hurt to check this useful guide to understand how not to get banned or scammed when you’re trying to sell gold. You need to make sure that you found a reputable platform or public forum that can allow you to sell your gold safely. 

You can farm for gold in numerous ways. Some players like generating gold through crafting professions or gathering materials. You could pickpocket master farmers if you have enough skill points in pickpocketing. It’s possible to purchase some cheap water vials off the adventuring supplies vendor in Ardougne or the herblore vendor in Taverley, and then flip them for a higher price at the Grand Exchange for profit. Another way to make some decent gold is by killing rare mobs constantly. Other than their gold drops, rare mobs and bosses can drop rare items that can be quite valuable. Whichever method you choose, you can expect great results for your gold farming needs.

Mini-Games and Side Quests

Numerous players prefer focusing on the side quests and mini-games for fun. RuneScape mini-games are known for being extremely fun. Most mini-games and side quests can be worthwhile because you could get decent rewards with helpful items. It’s okay if you want to put the main storyline on hold for now. You could go for the rogue’s den, the fight pits, pest control, and blast furnace. You should try every mini-game first to give you insight into what’s available to you. Once you’ve made your choice, you can expect excellent rewards and parts of an achievement done. Overall, each mini-game and side quest can be very intriguing. You can enjoy the game tremendously this way.

Working on Your Professions

You could focus on leveling your skills in different professions. But keep in mind that professions can take a lot of your time. You can choose gathering professions to get materials like wood or stone ores. You could focus on crafting professions that allow you to craft great items to sell at the Grand Exchange. That said, some professions can help your character significantly and they can be stronger for the different mini-games available.


The game has a lot of achievements that most of them are quite difficult to finish. You can decide on focusing all your effort on getting every achievement in the game. This is tough because not a lot of people can achieve different accomplishments in the Achievement Diary system. Luckily for you, the system has several difficulties and that means that you won’t miss out on achievements, especially if they’re nice and easy. It’s very fulfilling to do achievement runs in RuneScape.

Players have a variety of ways to enjoy themselves playing RuneScape. You just need to find the activity that you prefer doing or you’re in the mood for. It’s never a dull game to play because you are bound to find stuff to do. You won’t have enough time keeping up with everything in RuneScape. Whether it’s raiding, leveling professions, farming rare items, or gathering material items, you can rest assured that you will lose track of time from having so much fun playing RuneScape.

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