How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work – Podcast 57

Rami The Gutsy Geek is not a fan of long distance relationships. His longest one lasted a month, and she only lived one city away. But many geeks meet their significant other online, at conventions or events, and date across cities, countries, and continents.

In this week’s episode, Rami recruits his good friend Steve, who after several long distance relationships has become something of an expert.

He covers the three golden rules for dating long distance, the pros and cons, what to say to naysayers, and how to have sex when your partner can only be touched through a screen.

Coaching for Geeks is here to save relationships once again, can it do so long distance?

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Do geeky interests make you more attractive?

Battletoads, it turns out, is a great metaphor for modern dating.

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