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Burnout is dead, long live Dangerous Driving!


Three Fields Entertainment Alex Ward needs a cup of tea

I sat down with Alex Ward, Creative Director at Three Fields Entertainment and co-creator of Burnout, at PAX East 2019, who talked me through some of the elements that have gone into giving Dangerous Driving more than just a fresh lick of paint.

He told me how the cars have wheels now, suspension and gearboxes – all fully modeled so the crashes are more spectacular and handling more realistic. As realistic as hitting the boost button, squealing round a corner, and ramming opponents into the barriers can get.

“The wrecks are now persistant; if you drive really aggressively on the first lap the wrecks will be there to make subsequent laps much harder”

We talked mostly about cups of tea, me being the only other Brit he’d encountered, and how he’d brought a kettle along with him – “the kettle keeps tripping the TV, if you find a decent cup of tea please tell me or bring it to me!”

With that in mind I had to ask if they had a backup for the Xbox One devkit it was running on “I had to carry that on my lap on the plane, they wanted to put it in the hold, but no chance. “

“If it goes down I have the first 4 copies of the game off the press, I’ll go to Best Buy and buy an Xbox or PS4. I won’t be able to patch it but it’s better than nothing!”

On VR: “the power isn’t available to render this twice, but then once upon a time there was no wheels, suspension, or gearbox. One day the power will be there and I’d like to do VR for the person in the passenger seat.”

On the market for arcade racers: “Other studios keep saying there’s no appetite for arcade racers and this is going to shut us down. But then people keep saying how long they’ve waited for a game like this.”

But then other games don’t have the Burnout legacy to build on – this looks and feels VERY Burnout – how close did you get to calling it ‘Shiny Red Car?

“Take a look at the top right of the banner”

And there it is. SRC05.

We talked about how I’d discovered plenty of bands through Burnout’s soundtracks “You know how we picked those? We were given a list and listened to the first 10 seconds of each. Franz Ferdinand is only on there because my sister had been to see them the night before and said ‘this fire’ should go on.”

“Full Spotify Integration has been added so if you have Spotify Premium you can choose your own music, ACDC comes recommended for a Pink Floyd/Wizard of Oz experience” – I can’t believe how many tracks Burnout 3 introduced me to

Cheekily I asked about the chance for splitscreen multiplayer… “You know we have the internet now? Online 7 players, we just started work on it last week.”


Hands on with Dangerous Driving

So how does it play ? Dangerous Driving is a pure arcade racer. Don’t come expecting tinkering with your engine or realistic handling. Pedal to the metal, race hard, race dangerously, and race fast to build that boost meter. Spend all your boost in one go and get a refill.

It’s got the soul of Burnout 3: Takedown burning deep within, from the handling to the fonts used, and the ability to steer yourself after a crash to try and take out other racers.

The handling is perfect, requiring finesse to get that perfect line, but not having the punishing model of a Gran Turismo.

The graphics are nothing short of gorgeous, the loading time is fast, and the tracks and modes offer plenty of variety from straight races, to taking out as many of your rivals as possible in the shortest time.

Dangerous Driving is top of my list so get out there and drive dangerously – by buying a copy of the game!

Dangerous Driving gets a worldwide release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC via the Epic store on April 9th, 2019, with a digital price of $29.99/£24.99. Buy it.

I’m going back to play it again tomorrow.


Robin Bates – Over the Counter Culture


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