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Do you believe that going to the gym is hard? Perhaps you always have an excuse or reason not to go; I do and I’m supposed to be the coach!

Like everything, a little planning and reframing of the experience can work wonders.

1. Plan when you’ll go to the gym – make it non-negotiable exercise time
2. Plan your bag, kit, towel, water etc and get it ready
3. Think about how excellent it will feel to have completed a workout
4. Think about how fit you’ll get if you continue to go to the gym and exercise
5. Keep an excuse log – if you don’t go write down what your excuse is. Is it a valid excuse? When will you go instead if not now? How does it make you feel to list your excuses why? Would going to the gym feel worse or better?

It takes time to build a new habit, 66 days, so keep at it and if you need some support in achieving this then do get in touch for a chat. We can set some goals, use some NLP techniques to make it more appealing, and ensure your highest intentions are being met. Go get ’em!

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