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3 months ago my knee hurt. Every day. I was literally over-encumbered and could not run. I had not taken an arrow to it but it felt like my adventuring days were over.

I used to use overused memes until I took an arrow to the knee meme

Yes. Very good.

I was out of breath going upstairs, running for the bus – I used to be pretty damn good at the live action running around from people dressed as zombies/stygian beasts/dark wizards but I had become a liability.

Damn. It was like school again Being chosen last for the football team and left standing shamefully against the wall in my (now) retro football shirt.

Taking Action

I’m very fortunate – I’m trained in coaching so knew what I needed to do. The thing is, it’s actually really bloody hard to do this stuff on yourself, you need a friendly voice, someone to bounce ideas off, to push you, support you.

I coached myself to a certain point and made a conscious decision – I was not going t lose weight, I was going to become fitter and healthier, and be mindful of the things I ate.  I’d drink less, sleep more, and very importantly move more.

Enter Coach Austin

Coach Austin Toloza Approaches

He’s a really lovely guy. Don’t fear the Dragonball Z aggression.

He came into my life through a client and we immediately hit it off. His professionalism, knowledge, experience, and sense of humour made sure I wanted to work with him.

So I brought him into Coaching for Geeks as our fitness expert

“Now Robin” people ask “did you Start Coaching for Geeks as your own personal way to keep on track with your goals, get fit and healthy, and date more successfully?”


Not exclusively but sure! I want to improve my life and if I get to help others then that’s freaking AWESOME.

Coach Austin now runs regular Q&A sessions in the CfG Facebook Group, takes every fourth podcast, creates YouTube videos and contributes to this very blog with recent articles on levelling up your legs and his 3 top tips to lose belly fat.

3 top tips I have been drawing upon extensively.

A plan for geek weight loss

I made my conscious decision.

I gave away all the crap food.

I joined an online gym.

I planned my time to ensure there’s opportunity to move.

I quit bread (mostly).

I started logging all my food and booze.

I started taking turmeric supplements.

I quickly realised I drank way too much and cut down how much booze I drank.

I slept more.

I lost 13 kilos (that’s about 2 stone or 28lbs) in three months.

Geek Weight Loss in three months

And we’re not done yet.

The secret to geek weight loss

There’s no secret sauce. Sorry. I lied in that subheading.

I have an awesome coach, I made a decision, I took steps to make it happen, I made lasting lifestyle changes.

One small change after another.

I know my why – I know why this is important to me – and that keeps me going.

I’ve noticed other changes – the treats are that much sweeter, the dates are easier to come by, and I’m able to move around and be useful in ways I’d lost.

I was a lazy stoner gamer (Oh yeah, I quit weed too) – if I can do it, chances are you can too.

If you want to.

Make that conscious decision. Figure out what you want. Make a plan. And GO FOR IT!

What have you got to lose apart from that belly?

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