Paul Flannery author of The ROle Play Gourmet and the creative talent behind Knightmare LIve and MMORPG SHow dressed as a chef and holding a ladle and D20

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“Food With Some Thought” – Role Play Gourmet Review

Saturday 15 February, The Forge, Vaults Festival Food and theatre are two of my favourite things in life and to have them combined is like a dream come true. So when I first heard about Role Play Gourmet at The Vaults Festival, in the underbelly of Waterloo, London – a show in which you are the hero and food is... Read More
dish served

Brace Yourselves: Summer Cooking Is Nearly Mastered

Summer in the Northern hemisphere may be over, but a great salad evokes memories of the warm at any time of year. Tackling salads, dressings, and marinade, Paul Flannery dons his chef apron and giant D20 to continue to level up your cooking stat. Summer food can get complicated quickly; multiple pan dishes, tropical fruits, expensive ingredients… But it doesn’t... Read More

Role Play Gourmet: Roast Chicken, Roasted Simply

You walk towards your new work station and slide your hand along its smooth, clean surface.  Next to it sits the grill, a molten hot pit, growling like a dragon’s mouth covered in cast iron prison bars.  You pick up the nearby wire brush and push it coarsely over the bars. Small particles of carbon drop into the flames and... Read More

Faux Pho: The Cosy Cure For Your Winter Cold

Grillardin staggers through the door of the kitchen, sweat pours from his brow as he slumps against the wall for support. He cuts a broken figure, heavily lifting his head to allow his cowed, bloodshot eyes to scan the room. By the state of him, you can tell he is fresh from battle. His outer garb is scuffed and torn,... Read More

Veloute, Mother Sauce: The Best Mother Forking Mince Sauce

“Recite for me the three tenets of Mis en place”. Chef does this sometimes. Springs you with questions like they’ll be on some test later. You take a calm breath. You know the answers, don’t you? “Mis en place, meaning ‘Everything in its place’. Set up – keep your knife sharp, put a damp cloth under your board, have enough... Read More
final dish sausages mash

Role Play Gourmet: Monstrous Mash

You are sitting by a small table when you hear the city bells start to sound. The constant, eerie gonging interrupts your reading of “Stack and Drizzle – Food presenting made simple”. The bells seldom ring out and rarely to announce good news. As you contemplate their purpose the main doors to the kitchen are kicked open violently. The full... Read More
jolly roger cheesecake level

Jolly Roger Cheesecake (Beginner, Adept & Grand Master)

I got this recipe in 2013 whilst doing a job in the Caribbean dressed as a pirate… don’t ask. For this job I lived on a boat whose wonderful chef, Roger, prepared incredible food from a tiny galley kitchen whilst wearing the biggest smile I think I’ve ever seen. It took me a whole week to get the secret of... Read More
Grillardin the dwarven warrior chef in bright colours

Way Of The Rice: Tofu in Black Bean Sauce

See Role Play Gourmet Live! Visit The Role Play Gourmet ticket page for more info – adventure is served… Dwarven rice The kitchen is a vast cavern of workstations and ovens and yet, steam emanating from one corner has begun to fill the void and is encroaching on a prep station occupied by Grillardin. Grillardin is a friendly Dwarven warrior... Read More
rustic stew doorway

Role Play Gourmet: A Rustic Stew Adventure Hook

  THE LEARN TO COOK PROLOGUE You arrive at a large yet unremarkable door along a quiet side street of an otherwise bustling city. You’re sure it’s the right one, you can smell the possibilities emanating from within, or is that croissants? As you reach out to the handle, a familiar voice in your head says “Are you sure you... Read More
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The Role Play Gourmet FAQ and Print & Play Skill Tree

So you’re ready to cook, but have questions first… Fortunately your ‘gather information’ check rolls highly and Paul Flannery himself has the answers. He also has the print and play skills trees. Print these off, get cooking, gain XP, level up! ROLE PLAY GOURMET CHARACTER SHEET DOWNLOAD ROLE PLAY GOURMET SKILL TREE DOWNLOAD     FAQs Where do I start... Read More
Paul Falnnery author of The ROle Play Gourmet and the creative talent behind Knightmare LIve and MMORPG SHow dressed as a chef and holding a ladle and D20

Role Play Gourmet: Perfect Puttanesca Seduces Gamers

SEE ROLE PLAY GOURMET LIVE! The live D&D comedy cooking adventure – one week at the Vault Festival London, 2020.Adventure is Served. Also food, food is served too.Role Play Gourmet – Tickets available now.     Puttanesca – your simple games night recipe, with bonus XP Hello, I’m Paul Flannery. I’m most well-known for bringing the cult TV show Knightmare... Read More