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Rami Meets Serenity

A geek girl, not the Firefly-class spaceship. I know, still too soon. So let’s do geek dating and move on.


Pixel Geek Dating

Rami the Gutsy Geek met with gamer girl Serenity in the latest episode of the Coaching for Geeks Podcast for some insight into geek dating,  how to initiate geek dating, and how to be geek sexy through the acquisition of XP.

They covered the important topic of  Canada’s Dance Dance revolution (DDR),  In the Groove, and Pump it Up scene, where to meet geeks, how gaming gives away someone’s personality, the importance of gaining skills to be sexy, and much more.

Not for the faint of heart, Serenity and Rami pull no punches!

More episodes from Rami the Gutsy Geek coming soon covering all areas of geek dating. This man spent years honing his geek dating skills in order to level up his confidence. He gained XP in how to talk to geek girls and how to approach geeks on dating websites. He knows his dating apps, and now he’s ready to Level Up Your Dating.

Check out the latest episode of The Coaching for Geeks Show – turning geeks into superheroes!

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Level Up Your Geek Dating

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