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It’s an all-new feature! Matt’s Gaming Roundup.


Let’s take a look at some of the week’s big stories, new releases and exciting announcements in the world of gaming!


Pokémon Chainmail and Truncheon


Massive news on the latest Nintendo Direct video for Pokémon Day, with a trailer for the next entries in the Pokemon series – Pokémon Sword, and Pokémon Shield!

A new generation of Pokémon to catch and train, a whole new area to explore called Galar (which many suspect is based on the UK) and plenty of gorgeous visuals to enjoy as the series continues on the Nintendo Switch!

The new starter Pokés were announced – Grookey, Sobble, and Scorbunny – and these continue both the series’ classic grass-water-fire triad and the utterly batshit naming conventions which fans have come to love.

Take a look at the announcement video for more details.



Blasting Out The Games


Last weekend saw the fantastic annual event, GameBlast, where over £100,000 was raised for the charity Special Effect.

The gaming event has gained in popularity and impact over the past few years, and raises huge amounts of money for the charity which helps people with disabilities play video games. A couple of notable events over the weekend were:



REmake the sales forecast


The Resident Evil 2 remake has sold incredibly well, which is understandable given how pants-fillingly scary they managed to make it.

Sales figures have been released which show the remake sold over 4 million copies in the first month. Quoted figures state that the original release sold 4.96 million copies, so at time of writing the remake is well on the way to overtake the original version in terms of copies sold!

This will certainly guarantee re-releases using the same engine, with all the gory zombie-severing and moody lighting. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for “Code: Veronica” and “Outbreak: File 2” remakes in the near future.

Otherwise we can all just enjoy the game which has now been modded so you are chased down by Thomas the Tank Engine, in case simply playing as tofu wasn’t enough for you.


ToeJam and Earl: Back Like A Virgin


This week saw the release of a new ToeJam and Earl game, Back Into the Groove, which boasts Macaulay Culkin as an Executive Producer on its team!

With plenty of retro feeling, the game looks like great fun and has online/couch multiplayer. It’s on my wishlist and surely needs to be on the lists of anyone who enjoys a casual and silly 90s throwback title.


One of the best recommendations I’ve seen on Steam:

“Made it to nearly the last floor before my brother knocked an amped Major Bummer into me right as I got hit by a drone and had to use it, the entire area got nuked. 10/10 would play again”

Find out more on the store pages (Switch/PS4/Steam/XboxOne) or visit the official website for very little information at all.

And here’s the launch trailer:


Bye Bye Bank Balance


Plenty of great titles are coming out this week, here’s a quick summary:


Title Format Publisher Release Date
Black Desert Online XO Kakao Games 4/3/2019
MatchyGotchy Z PC Silverware Games 4/3/2019
Attack of the Earthlings PS4/XO (soon) Team Junkfish 5/3/2019
Crimson Keep PS4 (online) Merge Games 5/3/2019
Eternity: The Last Unicorn PC/PS4/XO (soon) 1C 5/3/2019
LEFT ALIVE PC/PS4 Square Enix 5/3/2019
Crimson Keep XO (online) Merge Games 6/3/2019
Braveland Trilogy NS Tortuga Team 7/3/2019
Brown Dust An/iOS/PC Neowiz Games 7/3/2019
Ethereal PC Nonsense Arts 7/3/2019
Galaxy Trucker: Extended Ed PC Czech Games Edition 7/3/2019
Valley NS Blue Isle Studios 7/3/2019
Assault Android Cactus Plus NS Witch Beam 8/3/2019
Devil May Cry 5 PC/PS4/XO Capcom 8/3/2019


Other Stuff


Sadly we’re out of time, so we don’t have time to properly cover all the other stuff in the gaming world this week, like:

  • Fortnite’s new DLC pack “Momo”
  • Bungie’s big new release Anthem gets over 50 concurrent players
  • Apex Legends officially named “best thing since sliced dabbing”
  • Spice Girls announce concert in Fortnite
  • Could trying Youtube’s hottest gaming challenge “Momo” be harmful to my health?
  • Anti-vaxxers added to PUBG and FIFA following an online petition
  • “Activision-Blizzard layoffs could be great for my bank balance”, says CEO


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