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Gaming is great!

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What would you do if you lost the ability to play games? SpecialEffect creates bespoke solutions through clever engineering to empower gamers with disabilities to play again.

We met with Mark Saville from the charity last year to talk about their work, how they help people, and the incredible solutions they come up with.

That costs money. Let’s raise some money for them.



GameBlast 18

It’s the gamer’s charity gaming fundraiser for SpecialEffect! GameBlast is SpecialEffect’s annual event and people across the world will be gaming, streaming, completing challenges, and having fun to raise money for this amazing cause.

You can help give gaming back to people, raise their confidence, grow their independence, and bring a bit more fun that was snatched away.

It’s the best reason to game ever! And we’ll be gaming from 23rd-25th February 2018.


Coaching for Geeks Roundup

We’ve called in some of our favourite Twitch streamers and YouTubers to game for GameBlast.


Daniel Auty – Twitch: Dangosango33

Kirstie – YouTube: Kookiee Gaming & Twitch: kirstiesmurf

Laura – YouTube: DapperPaperBag & Twitch: DapperPaperBag

Nathan – YouTube: FURN Gaming & Twitch: IceHeartedKiller

Linda – YouTube: Druttercup & Twitch: Druttercup

Claudio – Twitch: RetroMixTape

Chris – Twitch: GunshotRadio

Dave – Twitch: DaveyKVA



Where to watch

We’re all streaming on Twitch throughout the weekend!

Find us all on the Coaching for Geeks twitch community page.

To go to specific channels, if we’re not live so you can follow us to see when we are, all you need to do is type of the Twitch names from the list above. Alternatively click from the list.


How to donate

This is all for a great cause so head on over to our Just Giving page and dig deep – every penny helps give gaming back to someone who needs it.


Thank you to everyone who’s taking part:


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Daniel Auty – Dango Sango

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