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Gameblast18 Came and went and many of the CfG community are feeling bereft after an amazing weekend of playing, streaming and raising money for SpecialEffect. Daniel Auty gathered his thoughts on GameBlast18.


The weekend was the most fun I’ve had streaming in a long time. I think most of our streaming group would agree with me.


It was all for the charity known as SpecialEffect. They help people with physical disabilities to play games and have fun again.

Before the event started, Becky Frost, the events admin at SpecialEffect, gave us some videos to use as part of our ad breaks or just as information as part of our streams.

For this blog post I am going to use one specific video that to me is the best way for me to show WHY we decided to take part in this event.

Check this out – The SpecialEffect Difference:

I personally had only heard of the charity in passing before looking into streaming for this event, then Robin offered up the chance to help organise the Coaching for Geeks streamers for a GameBlast18 event.

Gameblast  – This event is all about gaming and raising money for SpecialEffect. Be it Tabletop gaming, PC, console or running a Hearthstone tournament. The goal is to raise some money and have fun doing it! This year’s Gameblast was great fun and I hope we can do it all again next year too!

For more info on Gameblast here is the website:


From then we started a group chat for talking about Gameblast 18. That is how we started building our schedule and list of streamers. Our group consisted of:

Daniel and and (FURNgaming) and (Kookiee)




Victoria and (note: I had a great time playing Jackbox with Robin after I finished streaming Friday and Saturday)


The people listed here spent quite few hours between them streaming over the weekend and raising money, in total we managed to raise £600.27!

Pics or it didn’t happen!

Well first we have Kirstie! She spent 5 hours beating down a single boss in Dark Souls 3! (screenshot is after beating it)


Next up we have Laura! She got to a very shiny looking level 27 in Diablo 3!


There is also me! Daniel! I played A Hat in Time most of the weekend! Here is a shot of me fighting a toilet.

Then from what I’ve also heard, the SpecialEffect team managed to pop in to most if not all of our streams to ask how we were doing, I was really happy to tell them we’d almost hit our goal when they popped in to see me on Sunday.


SpecialEffect is an amazing charity run by amazing people. Here is their website:

All you have to do to help them is spread the word about the awesome work they do.

They create all these things, just so people can have fun with their friends and families again. If you have a few quid spare donate it to them, or even though this years Gameblast has passed, you could always get a group of friends together and do what we did! Stream on Twitch or YouTube and just have fun and raise a bit of cash too!

You can still donate to the CfG fundraising effort here –

And Robin met Mark Saville from SpecialEffect for the CfG podcast last year –


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