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Coach Austin and his Top 4 Ways Guys Creep Out Girls at the Gym

Being a member of the male species I cannot deny that when an attractive woman comes into the gym temptation will arise to go ahead and “appreciate the scene.”

An occasional glance is expected, however, there is a time and place for everything and the gym, to me, is not a setting to try your chance at love. It is a place of focus, hard work, and you vs. yourself.

As a gym owner I have witnessed the ways in which guys try, and fail, to get a girl’s attention while working out, and make themselves into a gym creep.

This has brought us to this…


Gym goer being overly sexual with a lifter

4 ways guys creep out the ladies at the gym.

There are probably more. Ladies, please let us know.


If you stare so hard you hope your infrared vision will burn off the overpriced lululemon sports bra your poor victim has bought and wore to the gym, you’re not doing it right. If you catch yourself getting stuck on some girl’s assets chances are she already saw you and has labeled you a “creepy ass mofo” which decreases your chances of any acknowledgment from her from 1% to  minus 9000%. “It’s under 9000!?!?!”

Leering and Grunting

Grunting while staring will not make your situation any better bro. It amazes me that some fellas think grunting will totally get the ladies to throw their panties at them as if it is the ultimate mating call. It may work for Koalas, but I have no idea about humans. If this were the case you would hear an endless amount of grunting at clubs, raves, and wherever the nightlife takes you.

Fun Grunting Fact: Grunting has  been shown to improve your power output during lifting.

Leering while Flexing

Producing your double bicep pose as you stare off into the distance at a woman who has no idea who the hell you are is a great way to display the “Look how sexy I think I am because you are there for me to stare at while you look at me flexing showing you how sexy I think I am!”

This is also a great way to show what you look like when your super constipated, a great look that attracts only the rarest beauties of the land.

Leering while Smiling

This only says one thing “I am going to kill you, with pillows…..tee hee tee hee!”

So guys, have some respect for yourself and the other people in the gym. Everyone’s there to work hard, work out, make progress.


Coach Austin – Hyper Strength & Conditioning

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