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A land of much D&D greatness. As I was tumbling ever further down the rabbit hole a video stood out – How to fold a beholder by Plus4Charisma.

I haven’t made it yet (BUT I WILL) but was hugely impressed, so I asked Plus4Charisma if we could feature the video and if she’d answer a few questions. Here’s the result:

When did you first discover a talent for origami and how did you first get into it?

Actually, up until about a week and a half ago, the most complex Origami I knew how to make was a crane and one of those blow-up food ball things. I learned to make those as a child. Though, around the time I started college, I was messing around with a small square piece of paper and decided to make the smallest crane I possibly could. I was able to make a pretty small crane (about the size of half a pea), though until recently, I didn’t make anything beyond that. Since I started my channel, I’ve sort of been brainstorming on topics to center a series around, and origami RPG minis was one of the ideas I came up with during this process. As I mentioned previously, it wasn’t until about a week and a half ago that I started seriously designing the origami minis. Once I get an idea for something, I just sort of go to work on it until I get good results.

What’s your favourite piece to make?

Definitely the Beholder, which was why I started the series with it. I really love how the eye stalks came out, and they are also fun to make.


What prompted you to turn this into a video series?

I am really into DnD. I’m a DM, love minis, and watch a lot of other DnD content on YouTube. Once I had the idea for the designs, making a video series on them was the natural next step for me. Of course, it helped that I already had a channel.


Have you invited the wrath of origami purists by using scissors?

Haha! I have had a few comment about that, but not too many…yet!

How much more can you achieve by using extra tools?

You could achieve a good deal more, especially if you used the scissors constantly (I tried to keep it to a minimum), used glue, or more paper. I do try to use as little tools as possible to keep it as close to pure origami as I can.

What’s your aim for the channel?

Generally, the aim is to share ideas for DnD (and other nerdy endeavors). Origaminis with Plus4Charisma is more serious, but some of the content is meant to be more humorous. So, sharing my sense of humor is something I really enjoy.

Can you give us a sneak peek of what’s to come?

Currently, I am working out the kinks for designs for an owlbear, a mimic, and an illithid, though the illithid might be a little while because it’s a more complex monster to make.

What class do you play in D&D?

Usually, I’m DM! However, when I do play as a character, I am usually a fighter.


You also do a vid series on LARPing. I’ve never LARPed – where should I start?

Yes, LARPing is one of my favorite activities. As your own aim is, LARP also combines working out and geeky fun together! I would suggest searching google for a LARP in your area. Contact them about NPCing for a couple games. Usually, NPCing is free and you don’t need to bring any gear. It’s really the best way to get into LARPing.

If you had a piece of paper the size of a city block, what would you make?

Ha. Well, probably a very large beholder, as those are my favorite. Maybe a dragon because the size would make the dragon look rather impressive.

Where can people see you work?

You already know about my YouTube channel. I also have a Plus4Charisma on Facebook and a Twitter. As far as the origami minis are concerned, I currently only have the beholder out, but I will be getting more origami minis out on a weekly basis, as well as starting to post more pictures of them.

Thanks very much, keep on folding and we’ll keep on watching.


And I would love to see your folded beholders folks, send your pics to us in the Facebook group.

Seen something geeky on YouTube, let us know and we’ll ask them some questions!

Robin Bates – If you spoke with every person on the planet and asked, “What is beauty?” each of them could give you a different definition. It might seem as though there are as many types of beauty as there are observers. However, a person who plays D&D will tell you there are only 11 kinds of beauty. Why 11?

Because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


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