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Get Gin Soaked with Flavourly Craft Gin Club

It’s a box of gin, tonic, and snacks! 


Review Summary

Product Name:

Flavourly Craft Gin Club

Product Type:

Monthly Gin Subscription Box


£34.99 – £18 off your first box with our link and discount code


 A box of delicious craft gins made by small distilleries. Plus snacks, tonic and other treats. 


£16 off your first Craft Gin Box!

This one is only running until teh end of March 2019, so hit that button below to head on over to the Flavourly site, and use this code to get £16 off!


Gin! Mother’s Ruin. I am not a mother so there are absolutely no risks associated with joining a monthly gin club.

Gin! Mother’s Ruin. I am not a mother so there are absolutely no risks associated with joining a monthly gin club.

So I checked out Flavourly Craft Gin Club and got a bit tipsy on mostly delicious craft gin.

What is Flavourly Craft Gin Club then?

Each month, Flavourly’s team of top gin experts helps our community discover the best small batch craft gins from the most exciting distilleries in the UK (and beyond). That’s their words.

You can then order more from the bottle shop – you get three bottles sent, but they’re only 200ml, so not enough to ruin a mother.

HOWEVER. These gins are an absolute treat. They only work with small distilleries, with quality experimentation, and attention to detail during the distilling process being values they… erm… value.

So you’re getting something rare, plus a decent mixer to go with it. And a snack!

Here’s the unboxing and gin sampling vid.

An easy gin soaked review

It’s a really easy review – if you like gin you’ll love this box.

What did I get?

A gin goblet – very fancy!

2 snacks – both went well with a G&T

3 x 200ml bottles of craft gin

2 small bottles of tonic

Anything else about Flavorly Craft Gin Club?

Customer service is bang on. The website is easy to use. The only thing stopping a full 5 stars is the price.

At £34.99 it’s really down to whether you want to savour gin, or get drunk on gin.

SO WE GOT A VOUCHER CODE! A whopping £16 off your first order, up until 31 March 2019.After then, who knows?


I REALLY loved this one, even if I hated one of the three gins. If I wasn’t spending a fortune on all these different subscription boxes I would have this one regularly.Great job Flavourly Gin Club! Now knock a regular £5 off and we’re talking.



The Good Stuff:
  • ​Gin! Lovely Gin!
  • Seriously, 2 of these gins were amazing and I have bought more.
  • The whole thing was just an utter delight.
The Bad Stuff:
  • ​Apart from that one gin that I hated.
  • ​A touch too expensive (so use our code, quick!)


Hit the button below on use this code at checkout before the end of March 2019:


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