Fix My Twitch! is the Twitch show where we’re taking a channel from nothing to epic, one step at a time. Showing you the incremental improvements that make a big difference to yours, and your viewers’ Twitch streaming experience. Little tweaks that get you more viewers, followers, subscribers, and grow a real community around you.

In Fix My Twitch!: Episode One, Tazziii made the following commandments:

1 – Sort out the background

2 – Implement some graphical overlays

Viewer caged_crinoline was also given the chance to Fix My Twitch and decreed that I must start advertising outside of the Coaching for Geeks community, specifically on Instagram.

Did I achieve these? Was My Twitch Fixed?

1 – A background.

Yes, my background looked like crap. A chest of draws with meds, water bottles, a space heater, an air purifier, and on the other side, my TV. Not the prettiest of views.


Yeah, that could do with tidying up…

In an ideal world I’d have the classic Ikea Kallax shelving with board games, gaming merch and other fun stuff behind me, but I am working with very limited space. I could install a pop up green screen behind me, but again, the space makes that difficult. I opted for a virtual green screen, for now, to save space and cost. I picked up XSplit Vcam on a lifetime deal $19.99 for life, instead of a subscription or the usual $49.95 lifetime price.

Screaming from the synthwave void

The difference here is phenomenal. I can add virtual backgrounds, including videos straight from YouTube. It also has all the camera, light, contrast, warmth controls, so I can zoom in and look better lit. You can also remove the background entirely. It’s not without faults, sometimes the tv emerges from the mist, and sometimes my bleached hair vanishes, but XSplit VCam? Job done.

Twitch Fixed.

2 – Implement some graphical overlays.

For this one, I went straight to Nerd or Die. Sure, one day I’ll hire someone to create custom graphics for my stream, but at this early stage, where I’m still figuring out my style? Let’s go premade and low cost. There’s no point spending a fortune early on, after all, I might decide I hate streaming and have wasted it all!

I needed something relatively low key – some of the topics we talk about on Monday’s Game & Coach streams really don’t warrant big explosions and sparks. As much as I love the synthwave aesthetic, this called for something a little more subtle. The Focus stream package looked subtle, classy, and just right, including Overlays, Widgets, Alerts, Stingers and After Effects Source Files, so I can edit them if I want to too. On sale at $30 instead of $45.

It’s the first thing to show in my synthwave void since I arrived here!

And the result is pretty good!

Twitch Fixed!

OK, week 1 done and I’ve spent almost $50, call it £35. Not a huge amount and the impact is already phenomenal.

From nothing to a better background and more info/interactivity.

Of course, all of this is cosmetic and counts for naught if my content is terrible and if nobody knows about it.

Enter caged_crinoline with ‘promoting it on Instagram’. I used Canva to put together a template ready for my next guest…

I’m stuck with that size unless I pay for Canva Pro, which has a handy resize feature. So I posted them letterbox. Job done, for now, and I can use that on Twitter, Facebook, and here. Time saved.



Reece AKA Viper AKA DungeonMasterViper was the second streamer to step up to Fix My Twitch! In his own words:

Hi, my name is Reece but most people call me viper. I’m currently a college student with hopes of directing my own films and stuff.

As you can probably tell… I don’t know what to put in this bit. I don’t have a schedule I just stream whenever I want to.

DungeonMasterViper, pensively wondering where the next Pokemon is coming from

Viper streams what he wants, when he wants, and committed to streaming every day of November 2020. He often plays Red Dead Redemption and can be found shooting and getting stuck in with a bit of dominos in the wild west. Viper has a bunch of fun channel points rewards, including The Fate of The Dice. Rolling a D20, with outcomes from wearing a Pikachu onesie, to the critical fumble of a natural 1 – Alt + F4.

We played some Risk of Rain 2 and chatted about streaming, gaming, and fuccboi shorts.

This is a PHENOMENAL game


1 – Channel Points

Channel points are a fun way to reward viewers for hanging around, for turning up to streams, and they can get bonus points for following and subscribing.

What are Twitch Channel Points?

Twitch streamers who’ve made it to affiliate status can choose a selection of rewards – nothing of monetary value outside of Twitch itself is allowed, as per Twitch’s terms of service, so no merch, no ‘real world’ items or services, or you can get yourself a ban.

“Points cannot be purchased. This Policy prohibits selling, trading, bartering or transferring Points (or offering to do those things) to other users of Twitch in exchange for money or real currencies. Twitch or creators can offer premiums or other benefits in exchange for Points, but Points cannot otherwise be exchanged for items that have value outside of the website available at, and its network of websites, software applications, or any other products or services offered by Twitch (the “Twitch Services”). Any Points used in activities that are prohibited by this Policy may be confiscated or cancelled.”

Noted, thanks channel points acceptable use policy!

How do viewers accrue Twitch channel points?


Non-subscribed viewers receive points each 5 mins of live watch time. +10

Active watching

Viewers receive points each 15 mins of live watch time. These have to be clicked on to claim.  +50

Participating in a Raid

Viewers receive points for joining a raid. +250


Viewers receive points upon new follow. These points can be earned only once. +300

Watch Streak 2

Viewers receive points for returning for 2 consecutive streams. Each stream must be at least 10 minutes long and it must have been at least 30 minutes since the last stream ended. +300

Watch Streak 3

Viewers receive points for returning for 3 consecutive streams. Each stream must be at least 10 minutes long and it must have been at least 30 minutes since the last stream ended. +350

Watch Streak 4

Viewers receive points for returning for 4 consecutive streams. Each stream must be at least 10 minutes long and it must have been at least 30 minutes since the last stream ended. +400

Watch Streak 5+

Viewers receive points for returning for 5 consecutive streams. Each stream must be at least 10 minutes long and it must have been at least 30 minutes since the last stream ended. +450

1st Cheer

Viewers receive points for their first Cheer on the channel per 30 days. Anonymous cheering will not earn points. +350

1st Subscription Gift

Viewers receive points for gifting their first subscription on the channel per 30 days. Anonymous sub gifting will not earn points. +500

So! With that in mind, and with DungeonMasterViper’s help, it was time to Fix My Twitch! Would I succeed in implementing channel point on my Twitch stream by next week?

Check in for Fix My Twitch Episode 3! Fix My Twitch is live every Wednesday at 7pm GMT.

Or just visit the Coaching for Geeks Twitch channel now, as these writeups are about 4 weeks behind…

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