I spent summer sick. Not COVID, but unable to do much. As I lay in my bed, watching hundreds of hours of Twitch, I started to notice something. Some wonderful people were just not attracting viewers. Great content, but little technical issues were really holding them back; from poor lighting, to not engaging with chat enough, to just not telling people their channel existed.

This annoyed me so much, that I decided to do something about it. I’d launch my own channel and fix it up, one step at a time, so other streamers could see how small tweaks make a big difference. I’d be learning as I went too, and share what I did, how I did it, and how I felt. Was it easy? Scary? Overwhelming? Let’s find out together…


The Fix My Twitch Initiative is taking a channel from nothing to epic, one step at a time. We’re chatting with special streamer guests, to find out their stories, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the wins they’ve had as a Twitch streamer.

Each week they select one thing I have to fix about the Coaching for Geeks Twitch channel, and I have to implement it by the following week’s episode.

Join us as we Fix My Twitch, one thing at a time, and you just might learn some stuff to fix your own Twitch too. It’s Fix My Twitch from Coaching for Geeks.


Tazziii is a streamer and host, content creator, and a self-professed ‘bit of a weirdo’. I met Tazziii at EGX 2019 when she took part in my live gameshow – Video Games: In Real Life, and loved her attitude and personality. So, we got her back for The Barpig Tavern during UK Games Expo 2020.

And now, Tazziii steps up to Fix My Twitch as the very first twitch fixer, so go follow Tazziii on Twitch right now! But just who is Tazziii? Not only a streamer, but host of Gamepad Online, the friendly and welcoming gaming event.

In Tazziii’s own words:

I’m a variety streamer. I like all different types of games! Platformers, shooters, RPG, solo, multiplayer…. Honestly the reason I have Xbox Game Pass and EA Play is so I can try all da games. I also play on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Join me for games, shenanigans, Just Chatting and sometimes pant pooping on horror streams…while you laugh at my screams.

I stream when I can so the best way to know when I’m live is to follow and have notifications on, follow me on socials (Insta and Twitter @Tazziii), join me in Discord.

With my channel stripped right back to its bare basic essential components, what did Tazziii choose to fix about my twitch?


Here’s my starting setup:

1 x gaming laptop . Some sort of computer or console is pretty much essential. I didn’t want to start by getting a capture card to stream from console, and while the PS4 (which I have) enables direct streaming, it lacks the customisation. So PC it was.

1 x Headset with mic – I already had a Razr Kraken Tournament Edition that I picked up on Prime Day, and while I did consider using my crappy headset with worse quality sound, I figured the sounds and image quality are the non-negotiable basics for anyone growing an audience

1 x Webcam – I’ve started out with the one built into my laptop. It’s not great quality, but not quite a potato.

1 x Keyboard – I already had a Tecware Phantom 88 key, mechanical, RGB, gaming keyboard, with red switches. I treated myself when I got my first gaming laptop earlier in the year. US folx, that link will take you to the US 87 key version. I do not know what the extra key is.

1 x Mouse – another thing I already had, a Logitech G502 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse.

1 x Second screen – potentially cheating a little here, but having a second screen for chat is, in my opinion essential. Whether you use a phone, tablet, or another laptop, so you can keep an eye on chat. I used my knackered old mac

1 x Twitch account. You need to have a twitch account to be able to stream on Twitch.


We talked about streaming, gaming, growing an audience, how to handle chat and much more before I asked Tazziii to Fix My Twitch.


Twitch Fix 1 – Fix the background. My background was terrible, my messy room on show and the lighting poor. My first fix was to do something about my background on cam. Whether I move my desk around so the wall is behind me, put up a green screen, or go for a virtual solution, fix 1 is fix my background.

This felt like a natural first choice – the backdrop was kind of embarrassing, so I was really pleased Tazziii picked this first. Making a great first impression on viewers is so much easier when you don’t have a space heater, air purifier, and your skincare regime behind you (hey I’m in my forties now, it talks time and money and lotions to look this good). There classic streamer backdrop is shelving with geeky knickknacks, games, and thingamabobs, lit up nicely, maybe in Twitch purple (hex colour code #6441a5 – a shade of blue-magenta comprised of 39.22% red, 25.49% green and 64.71% blue in case you were wondering).

I’m working with very limited space here, so don’t fret if you don’t have room to have a beautiful background. Work with what you have – just tidying up can make things look slicker. Can people succeed with a messy room behind them? Of course, ultimately, it’s all about the content, but we’re making 1% improvement each week here.

As it was week one, I gave Tazziii a second choice to get things going and help me get off the ground.

Twitch Fix 2 – Overlays. To invest in some overlays to liven up how things look on screen.

This also pleased me, something I could spruce up easily to make things look slicker and more professional. Better alerts will encourage and reward people who follow, subscribe, host, cheer etc and make things a bit more fun. I’d need to choose something that fits the brand; sometimes we’re talking fairly heavy issues on Monday night’s Game & Coach sessions, so maybe a bit subtle.

We also opened up the twitch fixing to our wonderful audience through the magic of Marbles on Stream – a marble racing game that all the chat can get involved with.

Caged Crinoline won the race and chose the following to fix:

Twitch Fix 3 – Market the show. Specifically beyond the Coaching for Geeks Facebook group, in particular on Instagram.

Urgh. Instagram. A platform I have none been active on for a long time! This one filled me with the most dread. Resurrecting an old profile. Would people care? Will it take up vast chunks of time creating extra content? Well, I’m here to be challenged and so Instagram will get some content!

The background, overlays, and marketing. Three things and one week.

Did these things get fixed? How did I fare?

Find out next week on Fix My Twitch! Live on Twitch, 7pm GMT, every Wednesday.

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