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Five No Bullshit Ways to Shed Fat

You’re Stuffed with Stuffing, you’ve turkeyed the turkey, you’ve drunk till you’ve sunk (you get the point.) Now it’s time to face those consequences, but do you have to? We’re got five No BS ways to shed the extra pounds after Christmas – why don’t you get a head start BEFORE the new year and watch those entrées?

1) Record Your Eating

record your eating

I know it’s a pain in the ass to record every little thing that goes into your stomach, but that is what your smartphone is for buddy! Instead of taking selfies with your meal and hashtagging the shit out of it, record it using one the many useful fitness apps such as Lose It or My Fitness Pal! This is basically to keep yourself in check and realize how much you are actually eating and ingesting. Too lazy to do it? Too bad so sad, this is how it has to be done in order to start your road to shedding that excess fat you dread looking at on a daily basis.

P.S Don’t post a picture of your meal prep every week on Social Media. You get a pass the first time, but anytime after that it gets annoying.


2) Move More

You have to move more to lose more. It’s not complicated. In order to start shedding extra fat you have to start moving more than you usually do because the lack of movement in addition to excess eating got you to where you don’t currently want to be.  Walk, jog, run, bike, swim, hike, find any excuse to move consistently! I’m not talking about 3 days a week, I’m talking about 7 days a week you need to be moving.

Yes rest days are important, but you don’t have to go out and run 10 miles a day, you just have to keep moving. How long? I challenge you to walk for an hour a day. Yes, a whole 60 minutes of aimless walking. Do you accept?


3) Stay Away from Bad Shit, Seriously…..

Bad food fast food macdonalds burger and fries

Copious amounts of sugars, salts and exotic fats. I’m just kidding about the exotic fats but everything else that carry an excess amount of anything is all kinds of bad. People keep saying “Thank you captain obvious but what kinds of bad stuff?” EVERYTHING! Fried foods, junk foods, big gulp sodas, sweets, butter chips deep fried in butter, chocolate covered caramel apples. Don’t be pulling that organic french fry bullshit either, fried is fried!

As much as I love to eat these things too (cause I know for damn sure I am not alone in this), if your main goal is cut your fat percentage down, you need to reduce these habits significantly!

If you think it’s bad for you, it is.


4) Lift More


Lift things up and put them down. Yes I am talking about that bodybuilder Planet Fitness makes fun of since the only people they want to attract are those who are afraid of change (that’s another post). Bodybuilders and other physique models lift for muscle development. You want more muscle to help you burn that extra fat and give you that lean look. Lean body mass helps utilize some of that extra fat mass while you’re not really doing anything since it takes more energy to sustain that lean tissue.


Also, muscle makes you look more sexy (‘cause you are already sexy by default 😉 RAWR)

“But I don’t want to bulk….” NO! STOP! STOP IT! Stop Woman! You cannot bulk like crazy!


5) Be Consistent

scales tape measure and an aple


You will not get your desired results in 7, 14, or 30 days. Not even 3 months. For the results you want, this will take consistency for up to a year! YES! I say a year because this post is titled NO BS. The results I am talking about aren’t results where once you eat a cheeto you’ll blow back up to your weight. I am talking about results that will last a lifetime.

You may need a year of consistency to develop new habits and more importantly destroy and kick bad habits. Once you realize a new lifestyle, your results will be limitless and continuous! Stay with it ladies and gents!


The last person you want to give up on is yourself!


Coach Austin – Hyper Strength and Conditioning


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