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Results can still happen even when the number on the scale doesn’t move much.

Take a real case study with one of our members John Pham aka J-Pham.

J Pham before after weight loss muscle gain

This before and after pic is actually 30 days apart which is amazing in itself. He did all the work himself. All we did was provide classes for him to take and be part of our great training community.


He took a local Body Spec test which is one of the truest ways to really see your body fat content.


These numbers trend higher than your conventional test (calipers & bio impedance will tell you your 15% BF vs Body Spec will say you’re actually 20% which is normal) cause they get a full picture of not only your superficial fat, but visceral fat as well (fat around your organs that one can’t pinch or use bioimpedance to measure).


fat loss muscle gain chart diagram science


His overall only changed by a few pounds he was able to drop 11 whole pounds of fat and yet had 8lbs of solid muscle gains in 3 months!

If you ask him what he did what he’ll respond with is that he just moved more, way more and KINDA watched his diet.


The big thing you can take away: he lived his lifestyle and adjusted it in a way where he could be CONSISTENT.

He created better habit (keeping everything moderate and being active most days of the week) that got him mad results. He continues to crush it!



Good job J-Pham!


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