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Want to be better in bed?

Wooden dols positioned as if to simulate performing oral sex with the coaching for geeks logo


Who doesn’t? Turns out certain exercises can help you move, thrust, grind, bend, and please your partner in new and exciting ways.

Something kinda ooh

In this week’s episode of the Coaching for Geeks show – where we turn geeks into superheroes every single week, Coach Austin shares the exercises you need to start improving your sexual performance right now. On with the shownotes and the episode:


Shownotes – Episode 33 – Exercises to Improve Your Sexual Performance

Bom Chikka Wah Wah

Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh.

Coach Austin knows his way around ALL the equipment in the gym.

It’s time to get moving if you want to increase your stamina, have the hip motion to make her melt, and the, well… to not have aching knees after, you know, going down on your knees for a while.

It’s time to double down on your lovelife, get moving, and give yourself and your partner the sex you deserve.


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