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Welcome to Week 3 of Coaching for Geeks ‘creator of the month’ for February 2019.

Today we look at 2 more pieces from the very talented Jolanda Snellenberg (Den Gröna Fenixen) along with a little insight to each.

Silver leaf pendant, A Spoonful of Sugar-series. Because a Dremel with engraving bits is every crafter’s best friend.


This pendant is cut and engraved from an old silver tea spoon. The pendant hangs on a black leather lace and together they form a very eco-friendly and sustainable piece of jewellery. It makes you look at cutlery in a whole different way!


Arabian nights inspired LARP outfit. Picture by Judith Dekker, (

Creating LARP outfits is where my creativity really gets pushed to evolve. It gives the right amount of freedom and constraints for my creativity to totally run wild. The part I’m most proud of in this character is the veil, made totally from scratch. For me, this was sort of the confirmation that I’ve got jewellery making to a point where it might be worth selling


You can find more of Jolanda’s great work at these locations


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Coach Rob

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