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It's a box full of tasty treats with February's Degusta Box - Degusta & Chill

Are they asking me to do rude things with the plantain bites?


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Subscription Food Box


£12.99 including delivery. £5 off with our code taking it down to £7.99 for your first box.


A much better effort with a mix of fun things across sweet and savory.


£5 off your first Degusta Box - Expires end of March 2019

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January’s Degusta Box was a bit of a disappointment. Sold to me on the promise of unexpected and tasty treats, it was full of healthy boring things. Nobody is surprised or delighted by a Ryvita, even if it has red quinoa on it.

So it was with some trepidation that I cracked open February’s effort.

And was very pleasantly surprised.

It’s Degusta and Chill...

What's in the Degusta Box?

Clearspring Organic Seaveg Crispies in Turmeric (RRP £2.59 for three snack packs)

Bebeto Watermelon Jelly Gums x 2 (RRP £0.50 per pack) £1.00

Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling, Low & Slow BBQ and Perfectly Salted (RRP £0.75 each) £1.50 total value.

Choc Chick Quinoa Bites and Plaintain Bites (RRP £1.85) £3.70

Appy Kids Co Paw Patrol Whole Milk x 2 (RRP £1 per pack of three) £2 total value

Deli Kitchen Brioche Folded Flatbreads x 2 (RRP £1.25) £2.50 total value.

Sacla Reduced Fat no. 14 Basil Pesto (RRP £2.50)

Explore Cuisine Organic Chickpea Fusilli (RRP £3)

Orangina Original Drink (RRP £1.30)

£18.59 value for £12.99 and honestly? Worth it for the flatbreads and the Choc Chic Quinoa bites (also the Orangina helped when my blood glucose was low).

I’d like to see a little more value in there – and that’s where we can help!

Get £5 off your first Degusta Box when you use our link and code!


A much stronger effort from Degustabox for February. Those flatbreads were AMAZING, the quinoa chocolate is something I can recommend to my coeliac friends, and the watermelon gummies were a guilty pleasure.



The Good Stuff:
  • Those flatbreads. Oh my god those flatbreads.

  • Genuinely fun box this month, didn't have to give it all away and felt like great value.

  • Really looking forward to the next one.
The Bad Stuff:
  • ​It's always a gamble, but a fun one.

  • ​A huge box to take delivery of.

  • Remember it's a subscription service.


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