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Battletoads is an absolute bitch.

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Games used to be hard. Sure you Souls players think you have it tough but does it send you back to the start when you misinterpret that boss’s incoming attack?

No. It does not.


3 lives and back to the start. That’s how it used to be. (OK 5 lives in Battletoads)



Drawing maps in Zelda.

The total lack of checkpoints in Rygar.

The constantly draining health of Gauntlet (“Someone shot the food!” YES WE KNOW AND IT WAS ME YOU ASS OF A GAME).

Not being able to jump in Bionic Commando.

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Reaching the end of Ghosts and Goblins and HAVING TO START FROM THE FUCKING BEGINNING.





And yet it has given gamers of certain age a number of talents, a very particular set of talents around quick learning, handling failure, tenacity and more.

Rami is a gamer of a certain age and used to be shit with women. So bad that he kept a spreadsheet of his failures.

He drew on his gamer mindset to learn, learn what it was about him that was so unappealing to women, learn how to grow as a person, learn from the dangerous territory of pickup artists and realise that their techniques are kinda gross and do something more useful.

Rami kept going and learnt that dating was a game, rejection was to be revelled in, and now he coaches geeks like him to become the best they can be.

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