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Creator: Rei N Boe, WildBunnyArts

Hello fellow geeks and welcome to the Coaching for Geeks Creator of the Month for May!

In this section we pick out one of our very own epic geeks to highlight the amazing creations they produce. We want to show the whole wide world just how cool, creative and outright geeky we are. So let’s dive into the work of Rei of WildBunnyArts.

Rei N Boe, Wild Bunny Arts

What do you create?

I hand paint shoes and jackets, design and print special t-shirt designs.  From custom converse to a t-shirt design with personal branding, I consider any creative endeavour.

Why do you do it?

For my son. To keep me sane. Because I’m a bad employee. Because I like to take my dog to work, and work in pyjamas (not so socially acceptable, I believe). Mostly, because I want to make the world a happier and more colourful place.  My customers are all so fantastic and I love making people smile.

What kind of geek would you describe yourself as?

General all-purpose geek. I was a late starter with your traditional geek hobbies like gaming, superheroes and cosplay but I studied MSc Computing and taught it for many years, so, I guess this is a solid foundation for my claims to geekhood.  I have passions such as social justice and community repair – my dad and I started a local group of repairers. I also kinda like neuroscience and astrophysics.

What is the geekiest thing you ever created?  

My son. He’s a born gamer with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything from superheroes to minecraft.

canvas trainers print

My world. I hand paint images on to canvas shoes. Wearing these, I can have my nearest and dearest with me wherever I go.

What is the geekiest thing you own?

Marty the robot. He was my Christmas present and I got a raspberry pi for him for my birthday.  I need to pay him more attention.

Who is your role model?

Stephen Hawking, for defying all odds to follow his passion and writing some amazing books that explain tough concepts in a truly accessible manner. Rosa Parks, for just having enough of inequality and discrimination. PS. have I said don’t follow rules?

What are your top 3 favourite facts about you?  

This one is so hard! So I asked Geekboy aka Stars.  He said 1: “you like to have fun and play games”. 2: I am really bad at thinking about facts about me that do not involve the release of many skeletons from many closets. 3. We have the best dog in the world, a snake and rats.

You get one geeky wish, what is it?

I wish for a solution to global inequality and poverty that also reverses global warming, halts damage to Earth and that finds the answer to the colonisation of space.

What’s your favourite thing about Coaching for Geeks?

There are lots of people with passions.

How do we find you and your work online?

I’m on pretty much every social platform as @wildbunnyarts.  

I blog at






Robin Bates – should upcycle his canvas trainers

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