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Welcome to Week 4 of Coaching for Geeks ‘creator of the month’ for May 2019 Today we look at 2 more pieces from the very talented Rei N Boe (WildBunnyArts) along with a little insight to each.

You can find more of Rei’s great work at these locations:

You can find the original blog post and interview here.


These were commissioned by a lady who wanted a 1980’s theme which included the flux capacitor.  They remain some of my favourites because of the neon colour scheme and just because they were so much fun to make.

Happy Nikes

It always gives me a bit of buzz when I’m painting on expensive trainers.  Touchwood, I’ve only had successes. The new owner of these is a photographer and she liked them so much that she sent me some amazing pictures.  You know that Eminem song that talks about “one shot, one opportunity”? That plays in my head when I start to trash somebody’s precious kicks. I love the faith that people have in me and I reward them with my absolute concentration and effort.

Robin Bates

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