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Welcome back all to week 3 of the Coaching for Geeks creator of the month for November 2018: JforJen, artist Jennie Brown.

Today we look at 2 more pieces from the very talented JForJen (Jennie Brown) along with a little insight to each.

You can find more of Jennie’s great work, art and commissions on Instagram under the handle @jforjen_ and she has an Etsy store called QueenofPillDonuts. Enjoy her great work, like, share; maybe even invest in your own JForJen original. More next week, geeks.


You can find the original JforJen interview on our blog here.

A new Skate deck from JForJen.

She tells us that the cat board is the last board she made, it’s based on a cool design she came across while browsing the internet.



Pokeballs are great for practicing inking circles and who doesn’t love pokemon! Some beautiful designs here.


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