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Welcome to Week 4 of Coaching for Geeks ‘creator of the month’ for February 2019. Today we look at 2 more pieces from the very talented Jolanda Snellenberg (Den Gröna Fenixen) along with a little insight to each.

Booklovers earrings.


These are the first items I made for Den Gröna Fenixen and the most popular items too. By now I’ve made them in a dozen different colours, but I still like this first design best in its simplicity. I had this old book that I wasn’t going to read again, but that I didn’t want to throw away. Now its pages are turning into jewellery. These beads provide a new life to the old stories. I love them for the atmosphere they give off.


LARP jewellery.

The best thing is when worlds collide and ‘mundane’ craft-skills can be used for geeky goals. I was going to play a modern day Christian angel that needed ‘hip’ but of course Christian inspired jewellery. So I made these for her. It’s a cross inspired by (more beautiful?) Celtic crosses and earrings that were made to look like wings. Shamefully it doesn’t fit with the message behind Den Gröna Fenixen, as they’re made of new and store-bought materials, but I would like to share them with the world.


You can find more of Jolanda’s great work at these locations


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Coach Rob

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