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Welcome back to week 4 of Coaching for Geeks’ creator of the month for November 2018: JforJen, artist Jennie Brown

Today we look at the final 2 pieces from the very talented JForJen (Jennie Brown) along with a little insight to each.

You can find more of Jennie’s great work, art and commissions on Instagram under the handle @jforjen_ and she has an Etsy store called QueenofPillDonuts. Enjoy her great work, like, share; maybe even invest in your own JForJen original.


You can find the original interview on our blog, here.


Freezer Bunnies.

Some very cute and creative freezer bunnies, hopping out of JForJens’ SIMS love. You know you want your own!


JForJens’ first ever Skate deck

Also JforJen’s most popular form of commission. A unique piece of art and heavily inspired from Instagram. Always fun to try a new medium.


I hope you have enjoyed this first Creator of the Month, please join us again in December for a brand new creator!


PS: If you would like to be featured as Creator of the Month ask in the Coaching for Geeks Community

Robert House – Coaching for Geeks health coach & leader of creator of the month

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