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Hello and welcome back to Coaching for Geeks’ Creator of the Month for April 2019!

We interviewed: Jörn Meyer, artist and illustrator.

Here are some examples of his work and some insight into each!

Hello Jörn! What do you create? Artwork and illustrations, mostly from the fantasy and horror genre. I especially like to draw everything dark, eerie, macabre, and unsettling.


The Public Domain

This artwork was an illustration for the NoSleep Podcast. In the titular story, the characters face a demon who inhabits the bodies of multiple characters from the public domain to fight them.
The shading for the characters on the poster was done by layering different passages of the original texts over each other to represent light and dark parts.


“Poor Bethany”

This image posed the interesting challenge of finding reference images to accurately represent the bones of a hand. To achieve it, I used an app that allowed me to pose a “real” (fleshy) hand and then drew the bones on top of that.


“Escape the Black Farm”

One of the images I’m best known for, this artwork was used for the Sleepless Live Tour 2018 of the NoSleep Podcast.
It was printed on t-shirts, banners, posters, and postcards and holds the price for my first piece that got tattooed without my permission.


“Deer God”

In the story “Driftwood”, the protagonist finds a demon with a body comprised of a giant rotting deer, fused over the centuries with the driftwood that washed up on the shore.
I still love this piece a lot because I like the contrast of the “ink” look and a more colorful background.


This piece was done for the card game “Final Boss”, which contains a lot of video game references. This star, of course, was meant to hint at the one that gives a certain Italian plumber a certain superpower. Drawing it this derpy was a lot of fun.

“Survival Kitten”

Catamancer is an online card game centering around the internet’s favorite animal.
It was a lot of fun contrasting the exaggerated cuteness of the kitten with the badass bowie knife, and also to work in a style I don’t usually work in.


“The Hidden Webpage”

This was an illustration for a season finale of the NoSleep Podcast. The protagonist goes down an internet rabbit hole taking him back to the days of ICQ chatting in the 90s until a strange and malevolent presence starts taking an interest in him.
I had a lot of fun drawing the glitch and working with the bold neon colors. Also, fun fact, that guy in the suit is actually me.

“Pass it On”

This piece provided a very interesting angle! In the titular story, the fourth-grade kid telling the tale sometimes gets possessed by a supernatural entity that predicts the grim future by drawing.
In this artwork, I could explore emulating a pencil drawing using digital tools.

“Return to a Seaside British Pub”

This is an illustration for a book with the same title by the very talented author C.M. Scandreth.
The two characters are father and son, both beings of magnificent power, who battle over the ownership of a very mysterious pub.

“Standard Deviations”

Another book illustration; this one even served as a cover! Marcus Damanda weaves disturbing and enticing tales, and the titular story Standard Deviations was enough to make even me feel queasy.
I’m very happy with how the tools came out, and the blood splatter is just enough to hint at what they might be used for.


My partner is a very avid Harry Potter fan and a proud Ravenclaw, so I drew this up as a Christmas gift.
The artwork is done in a technique called pointillism, in which hundreds and hundreds of little dots make up the lines and shading of the drawing.


Another illustration for the digital card game Catamancer. “Catsplosion” is a card from the Candy faction, so I set out to draw a mushroom cloud, in the shape of a cat, made out of cotton candy.
This is quite the old illustration, but it still makes me smile.

And most importantly of all… How do we find you and your work online?

My portfolio can be found at and my handle is @JoernDraws on all the major social networks.




Art prints:






Thanks Jorns!

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