Who would win in a gaming battle to the *death? Game devs or cosplayers?

Game developers. Massively important to the world of EGX. Without them, there’d be no games and Euro Gamer eXpo would have a pretty large hole in the content. No Mario. No Sonic. No Fortnite. No Call of Duty. No FIFA. No Last of Us. No Night Trap. No Assasin’s Creed. No Frogger. No Minecraft. No Tetris. No Legend of Zelda. No Skyrim. No Doom. No Red Dead Redemption. And maybe we listed enough games for SEO purposes. 

Cosplayers. Where would we be without them? Worbla sales would plummet, marketing teams would have to make their own costumes, and the cosplay stage would have a pretty large hole in the content. Instagram would lose swathes of images, the Borderlands 3 Cosplay Competition would cease to be. No Jessica Nigri. No Spiral Cats. No Amazonian Cosplay. No His Imperialness. No D-Piddy. No Phoenix Spider.

Devs. Cosplayers. Without them, the world would be a darker place. So it’s time to ask the important questions…

Who’s better at games?

Only one way to find out…


Hold on, hold on, that’s not a fair fight. Devs are likely better at videogames by virtue of their jobs, right. So we fixed that problem. Not by making it a sewing contest, though Yoshi’s Crafted World is a delight.

Instead, we created…

VG:IRL – Scrapyard Videogames

Real-world videogames, made from forks, lemons, golf balls, oven mitts, and lengths of plastic piping. Our videogames may be familiar (Bread Head Redemption) but in a deliberate move, and definitely not at all because we like wordplay and it’s easier to make some nonsense up than stick closely to a game’s origins, we have redesigned them to keep us well out of the gaming industry’s litigious grasp.

How will cosplayers fare wielding cutlery in ‘Fork Souls?’

Have game developers got enough of a sense of humour to get a reaction from ‘Silent Bill’?

Will the deadly opponents be able to work together in ‘Any Game Where the Water Instantly Kills You?’

Why have we chosen ‘Sonic and the Secret Rings’ as the basis for one of the games, when our market research shows that pretty much nobody remembers it, and those who do have no fondness for it?

Will the use of Velcro give cosplayers the edge in ‘Crypt of the Velromancer’?

The only way to find out is to come along to VG:IRL at EGX 2019, 4pm Friday 18th October on the Cosplay Stage.

Chaos! Mayhem! Games! Forks! Guttering! Cardboard tubing! Velcro!


Are you ready to brave it all for ultimate glory? Have you got the guts, manual dexterity, and gamey goodness to come out on top?


Game devs and cosplayers, step forward. Your time is now.

Email robin at coachingforgeeks dot com with your details.

Compete for ultimate glory and a trophy!

 May the odds be ever in your favour.

*We don’t expect anyone to die playing our games but there will be a disclaimer to sign. All contestants receive a free 4-day pass to EGX.

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