Words! They can be used to weave a spell around us. They can make you hallucinate strange new worlds, sell you a hat, or get you to click on a link.

It’s the latter two that are covered by copywriting. Not to be confused with copyright.

Adding this meme isn’t going to help clear up any confusion…

OK, that meme merely served to confuse things. We’re really talking about the art of selling. Of convincing people to click on your link. To hit subscribe. To buy your product.

I’m no copywriter, so enter Zak Lacey of Copy by Zak. Not only did he write the sales page for my last course (which will be available soon on replay) but he also did the email sequence that went with it.

I know Zak knows his stuff. So I pestered him to come and do a Q&A on copywriting to help us all sell ourselves a bit better.

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Now go write some epic copy!

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