Convention Survival Guide


Conventions are great! The buzz, the stalls, the celebs, the cosplay, the crowds...

They can also be bloody hard work!

We know, we've been there. Whether you're looking for a UK Gaming Convention or something more leftfield, we're working our way through conventions of all kinds to arm you with all the info needed to have the best comic con, gaming con, horror con, any kind of con, ever!

From small UK gaming conventions to the big boys like MCM Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, PAX, DragonCon, Coaching for Geeks wants to do them all!

Convention-specific Survival Guides

MCM London Comic Con

Hyper Japan


MCM Birmingham Comic Con

PAX East


General Convention Survival Guides


Staying Fresh at Conventions (AKA how not to stink)


Top 5 Ways to Stay Healthy at Comic-Con


Cosplay and Consent

Rise of the Geeks - Comic Con and Cosplay


Conventions with Kids


Volunteering Survival Guide

First time as Press - a Survival Guide

First time at a Convention

Coming Soon


First time Con-Goer

How to get a Press Pass at Comic Con

Running a Comic Con Panel

How to Pack for Comic Con

Comic Con Ettiquette

Comic Con Survival Kit

And more!


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